Public's business done in strange ways

I don't understand Tucson's way of doing the public's business.

The governing board of our largest school district chose one finalist for superintendent after interviewing four candidates out of sight of its constituency, then hired him following a brief introduction to the community.

The board of the second-largest district has voted 3-2 to retain a superintendent who was ready to leave for greener pastures several months ago and who has apparently dissatisfied large numbers of district parents and staff.

And just over a month ago the embattled and largely discredited governing board of our community college hired a new chancellor as though all were well. The district is on probation and four of its governors are threatened with recall, but business goes on.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Frank Bergen

Retired clergy, Tucson

Beware of involvement in Mideast revolutions

Before we get more deeply into the Syrian morass we should heed the wise counsel of Russian President Putin, who said that before any nation supports a revolution, especially in the Middle East, it should consider what is likely to happen if it succeeds.

When Reagan sent a cruiser to bombard Tripoli, Gadhafi suddenly turned into a pussycat. He was no danger to us, Israel or his Arab neighbors. He apologized for Lockerbie and paid reparations. No U.S. ambassador was killed on his watch. Now there is chaos in Libya.

Mubarak kept the treaty with Israel and tried to stop the smuggling of arms into Gaza. Now the Muslim Brotherhood persecutes Christians and is friendly with Hamas.

Both Gadhafi and Mubarak were dictators but less cruel to their own people than any sub-Saharan ruler and roughly on par with most Arab rulers. The Syrian rebels already announced their friendship with al-Qaida.

Harry F. Brauer

Retired, Green Valley

Gun laws don't matter to crooks

Re: the June 13 letter to the editor "Hoping to hang on to vote against Flake."

Sue Bartholomew opined she was hoping she could live long enough to vote against Jeff Flake for his stance on background checks.

Ms. Bartholomew, I hope you live as long as you want. However, I would like to point out that legislators can pass all the gun-control laws they want, but the hallmark of a "crook or nut" is the disregard of the law. Whether you regulate, restrict or ban, criminals will continue to break the law if they want.

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is already a crime, as is possession of a firearm by someone adjudicated to be mentally deficient. If the bad guys aren't obeying these laws, what in the world makes you think another law or regulation will finally be the one that changes their behavior?

Dan Beauchamp

Retired military, Tucson

Acting ATF director deserves confirmation

Those of us with differing opinions on the regulation of guns may not agree on whether the current gun laws satisfactorily address the public-safety issue of gun violence, but one thing we can agree on is the need to enforce the laws we have.

To fulfill this commonly held goal we must provide the agency responsible for enforcing the nation's gun laws - the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives - with the financial resources and strong leadership of a permanent director.

Acting Director B. Todd Jones is highly qualified to lead the ATF. He has served as U.S. attorney for Presidents Clinton and Bush, has decades of experience in law enforcement and has proved to be an effective leader in his nearly two years as acting director.

Urge Sens. McCain and Flake to vote to confirm B. Todd Jones.

Meg Pradelt

Tucson Community Against Gun Violence