Expose costs, delays

on roadway project

This is regarding the on going construction on La Canada Drive between River and Orange Grove roads. The work is entering a third year for this small stretch and includes laying of water pipes (done I believe) and enlarging the road to four lanes (in process). You must imagine the pain of listening to that noise and dust and driving through a maze, but the real outrage is the amount of time it has been going on.

I understand that KGUN-TV did a short story regarding the target day for completion having past long ago and some internal strife with the contractors.

I believe this at least warrants an exposé on how our money is spent. Someone in the county should be held accountable.

Simon-Peter Kregar

Retired/photographer-artist and disabled veteran, Tucson

Be pleased noise is

from US airplanes

Fred Keegan, my brother-in-law, was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

When someone around him complained of the roar of the airplanes, he had a standard comment to those who complained: You should be so damn glad they are ours.

Muriel Keegan Glover

Retired, Tucson

Opposition party seems

to want Obama to fail

Re: the May 29 column “Obama ignores economic lessons from harder times.”

George Will is a smart man but his political view wears blinders. His blame of President Obama for the anemic economic recovery overlooks the fact that it takes the executive and legislative branches of government working together to run the country.

The opposition party in the Senate minority and the House of Representatives has refused to meet the president or the Senate majority even half way. It has made it its objective to refuse all cooperation with the Democratic party at the expense of our nation; all to make this president fail. Why?

Proposals to have government spend on multiple programs to boost our economy have all been met with folded arms and the glare of hatred towards our African-American president. Why?

Efren Peyron

Retired dentist, Tucson

Pope should pray

at wall in Nogales

Now that the pope has gone and prayed at the wall in the Middle East, I hope he will come and pray at the one in the middle of Nogales.

John Leech

Episcopal priest, Tucson

Yes to Rosemont mine — in faraway land

Re: the May 29 column “Don’t forfeit mine’s benefits for the sake of some obscure critters.”

In answer to Gilmore Tostengard’s request: “would all of you who have decided we do not want another mine, period, please consider the economic benefits that we are forfeiting....”? I will say a resounding YES, I have considered them all and would gladly see them go to “some other far away land.”

In addition to the immense disturbance on wildlife, can we talk about our water?

Andi Smith

Retired, Oro Valley

Congratulations, Fitz: Cartoon on the mark

Re: the May 29 David Fitzsimmons cartoon.

Kudos to Fitz for his depiction of the rewritten Second Amendment. It shows we can misconstrue anything to suit our needs. There is hardly anything in this country more misconstrued than the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Deacon Ken Moreland

Retired, Tucson

Christians seem to plant seeds of totalitarianism

Re: the May 24 letter “Atheists plant seed of totalitarianism.”

A letter writer said atheists plant seeds of totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is a system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life.

It seems the Christians are the ones who want that. They want to dictate what goes on in your bedroom and who should be in there, take away your choices with your own body, what you read, see and think. The religious right blatantly says it’s time to put God back into government. Guess it didn’t read about separation of church and state.

The writer said “athiests’ methods stop short of physical violence. Unlike Christians who killed off Native Americans, bombed abortion clinics and murdered doctors.

Ann Coulter, darling of the right, says, “we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

She must have loved the Inquisition. You have the right to believe anything you want — just keep it out of my government and my bedroom.

Susi Learn

Retired, Tucson