Stay-at-home mom has no regrets

Re: The March 2 editorial "Modern women's movement must be about family."

I'm all for women going out and getting the education they deserve and securing their dream job, whatever that may be. I, too, went to college and was able to spend a few years in my career.

However, the choice my husband and I made to have me stay home to raise the kids was the best thing in the world. Now my kids are in school full time and I work several days a week. All I can say is that my stay-at-home-mom days never once had me regretting a loss in salary, nor did I think I had lost my identity as many women would have one believe.

We didn't have a big income, but none of that is anything I think about when I look back. Call it old-school if you want, anything to try to lessen the appeal. From my experience, a powerful woman isn't just about being a career woman; it's one who can truly be the heart of the home, if only for a few priceless years.

Cindy Ramirez


Men should face up to their responsibilities

Re: The March 2 editorial "Modern women's movement must be about family."

Quoting the editorial: "They (women) … should pull together and stop scattering their energy and focus in a million different directions."

Should she focus on retaining an 18-year-old figure while having and raising children, bringing in a decent second or major income, maintaining the home and hopefully having gourmet cooking skills, et cetera?

The list goes on as to what men want in women. Perhaps it is time for men to leave their lofty perches and face their responsibilities in creating and maintaining a home along with the woman.

Home means a place where the wife and children are secure in knowing their husband and father will not be exiting because the kids are a nuisance, the wife has a few extra pounds and it just is not fun anymore.

Patricia O'Neill

Retired teacher, Vail

Political parties are no longer useful

Our democracy, with its two-party system, is broken. The sequester going into effect, along with other signs too numerous to mention, is an undeniable proof of that.

The idea of the sequester was a deadline for a Draconian set of actions to take effect, which neither party would accept. The purpose was to force the parties to work together on a reasonable budget plan for the benefit of the nation.

The assumption that our representatives could do this is far too optimistic. There are two opposing teams in Washington, and they are not there to help the nation; they are there primarily to damage each other. We, the voters, get our individual "truths" from one of the teams. It is a bad design and it has predictably failed. The best repair for our democracy is to rid it of political parties. They have outlived their usefulness.

Buz Sobel

Green Valley

Media no longer want to run good-news stories

I can recall a time, in the past, when the Tucson media outlets were eager and willing to print or broadcast events that had local color and significance. Reporters at the Star and other media groups, in years past, were very approachable and willing to hear of a good news lead. Not so anymore.

Seems to me that it was newsworthy that two men from Kazakhstan were in town this past week, on a electrifying and purposeful mission. Dmitriy Petruhkin, a world traveler by motorcycle, and his trip chronicler, Sergey Slobidchikov, arrived in Tucson on Feb. 26 with no advanced notice.

I immediately prepared a press release announcing a get-together between them and the Kazakhstani students currently enrolled at the University of Arizona. Not one phone call or email was received back indicating interest, or lack of interest, in this event.

I don't know who passes judgment on what to print in your paper, but I think that some reorientation needs to be done to include news of this nature for your readership.

Jerry M. Gary

Chairman, Tucson-Almaty Sister Cities Committee, Tucson

Thanks to organizers of Arizona Animal Fair

Kudos to those who, under a difficult and short time frame, planned and organized this year's Arizona Animal Fair.

Thanks, too, to the sponsors who stepped up and made this event happen again this year.

This is a wonderful event, beneficial to animal rescue groups, vendors and the public in general.

My sincere thanks!

Carol Meyer

Animal advocate, Tucson