Honor King: Stop all the wars now

Behold the spectacle of U.S. leaders pausing briefly in their preparations to attack yet another country, Syria, to pay pious tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who opposed not only racism and injustice, but all war.

Want a more appropriate way to honor Dr. King? Call off this senseless attack and stop all the wars now.

Kim Mathews

Certified nursing assistant, Tucson

Why is it America’s job

to go after Syria?

Bought and paid for by the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, several members of Congress — including our beloved John McCain — and President Obama are declaring we must attack Syria because they have used chemical weapons.

Why is it our job to go after Syria?

Who are we to get bent out of shape for the use of chemical weapons? Wasn’t it us who dumped millions of gallons of Agent Orange in Vietnam, injuring tens of thousands of men , women and children, along with many of our own soldiers who are still dying today from the effects of this chemical weapon?

Who the hell do we think we are to determine who can and can’t use chemical weapons?

Do any of us really believe our own government wouldn’t use chemical weapons on us if they felt threatened?

Rick Manuel

Green Valley

We must work together to combat poverty

On behalf of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, we congratulate the Arizona Daily Star on its recent Losing Ground series and for shining a light on poverty.

Sarah Garrecht Gassen asked how Tucson plans to confront poverty, either by hand-wringing or confronting it head on? While knowledge is power, the greatest problem facing our society today is ignorance. Civic leaders take note: The problems of our community are caused partly by the failure of our society to learn about and confront our problems.

Tucsonans now know 30 percent of children in Pima County live below the poverty line. We urge readers to visit southern.arizonaindicators.org to learn about other issues facing our community, including education, the border, and arts and culture.

Large-scale social changes like reducing poverty require broad cross-sector coordination and investment to create genuine collective impact. Together we make it happen.

J. Clinton Mabie

president and CEO, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Tony Penn

president and CEO United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Don’t install meters on 4th Avenue

Re: the Aug. 11 article “N. Fourth report proposes 467 metered spaces.”

Parking meters on Fourth Avenue? Haven’t the businesses there suffered enough with the streetcar construction?

Does ParkWise need the money to pay for the streetcars?

Give the merchants and visitors a break.

Rosanne Thompson

Retired educator, Tucson

Gang leaders sit out hunger strike

Re: the Aug. 20 article “US judge OKs force-feeding Calif. Inmates.”

In the articles about hunger-striking California inmates protesting isolation of gang leaders, it’s interesting to note that no mention is made of these gang leaders starving themselves, but rather their underlings and supporters.

Of course, when you rise to the top of any criminal organization it’s not you taking the risks and getting your hands dirty but rather your minions. It’s kind of like “go over and punch that big guy. I’ll wait here.”

Jeff Aronson