Religion-gays bill

is archaic thinking

Re: the Feb. 21 article “Religion-gays bill gets final House OK.”

Having lived in Tucson for eight years, I have come to love this community with all of its diversity. This said, reading that state legislators voted to permit discrimination against gays based on religious grounds deeply saddened me.

In a time when our nation as a whole is stepping out of the dark ages and embracing others of different faith, orientation, skin color, etc., it astonishes me to see the Arizona Legislature appear to work desperately to hold this state captive to archaic beliefs and thinking.

Sherri Schamel

Geriatric care manager, Tucson

Gays bill leaves reader


Re: the Feb. 21 article “Religion-gays bill gets final House OK.”

I absolutely could not believe what I was reading when I looked at the newspaper. Our Legislature just approved a bill that allows businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians based on their “sincerely held” religious beliefs.

Let’s just jump back 100 years or so on the progress this great country has made in terms of human rights. Is there no religion that exists in this country that takes issue with the color of one’s skin? How about the Holocaust? Should we accept discrimination based on eye color?

I am just flabbergasted that we pay these people to lead our state and they are leading us continuously to be the mockery of the nation.

I completely agree that everyone in this country has the right to practice their religion and maintain their beliefs — but if you choose to operate a business to serve the public, then you are choosing to serve all the public.

Tina Prewitt

Teacher, Tucson

Grijalva right to seek

probe of Huppenthal

Re: the Feb. 19 article “Rep. Grijalva asks U.S. if Huppenthal’s calls violated student privacy.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva is correct in asking the U.S. Department of Education to investigate calls made by state superintendent John Huppenthal.

Public school officials have no business representing the Alliance for School Choice, the Goldwater Institute or the many such groups that give money to dismantle and diminish public education.

This is a conflict of interest and is more widespread than many of us realize.

Bette Cox

Retired, Tucson

Kudos to candidates

in Sunnyside recall

I would like to congratulate Beki Quintero and Eric Giffin for stepping up to the plate and running for the Sunnyside school board in the May recall election.

They are honest, responsible and have the integrity of finally running the school board for the benefit of the students, teachers, parents and residents of the district.

The two members being recalled used, abused, confused and refused the district when it came to honesty and integrity. And that is putting it mildly. They would rather cost the district and taxpayers $95,000 instead of stepping down like responsible citizens.

The recall committee and residents of the district will be holding a donation “Tacofest” gathering at Mission Manor Park Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. Everyone is invited to come and help us finish the job we started.

Ignacio Gomez


Obama’s critics need

to show their evidence

Re: the Feb. 20 letter to the editor “Plenty of reasons to distrust Obama.”

The letter writer says Americans are still waiting to find out the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious, the Internal Revenue Service and Benghazi scandals.

Republicans in Congress have turned over every rock in the parking lot and held numerous news conferences to proclaim their findings on these subjects.

I suspect this is not adequate for some, primarily because they haven’t heard enough of what they want to hear. It’s time for them to come forth with new evidence or start chasing other cars.

Tony Banks

Retired, Oro Valley

Thanks to kind man

who changed flat tire

I just wanted to say thank you to the kind gentleman who was nice enough to offer his assistance when I had a flat tire on my way to work, without any second thoughts.

This happened on Valencia Road. By the time my husband arrived, this kindhearted man had most of the work done. I just wanted to let everyone know there are still some very good people out there. I hope this man sees this and knows how much I appreciate what he did for me.

Shirley Kreidler

LPN, Tucson