Protesters ignore Martin's choices

Most of the shrill protesting and even reporting on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is aimed at the low-information person. To call a 17-year-old male who is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 158 pounds a "child" does not compute.

Further, all the attention has been on Zimmerman as to what he was doing as the neighborhood watch and practically no attention to the actions of Trayvon, who was very close to where he was going and could have continued home. Instead he decided to confront Zimmerman.

Most of the people I know would have spoken to Zimmerman, told him what they were doing and praised the neighborhood watch for being alert. I would expect this type of contact when on watch, not to be attacked. Without the pistol, Zimmerman may not have survived or could have been seriously hurt.

John "Rick" Ricketson

Retired, Sahuarita

It's 'watch,' not stalk, confront and murder

Re: the July 14 article "Jurors find Zimmerman not guilty in teen's death."

Since when has neighborhood watch changed from "observe," "report" and step back to "stalk," "confront" and "murder?"

Carol Ann van der Lee

Community activist, Vail

How is the armed man found not guilty?

Re: the July 14 article "Jurors find Zimmerman not guilty in teen's death."

I'm not the most brilliant so I'm asking you all to help me understand. A young man is walking along with a drink in one hand and nibbles in the other. A young man with a gun comes into the picture. The young man with the nibbles is shot and killed. The man with the gun is found not guilty.

Please help me understand.

George Perlmutter


Why do we still look for our war dead?

Re: the July 8 article "MIA search called inept, little better than failure."

The internal study cited in the article concluded that the "Pentagon's effort to account for tens of thousands of Americans missing in action from foreign wars is so inept, mismanaged and wasteful that it risks descending from dysfunctional to total failure."

No surprise at the Pentagon's ineptitude, but the real question is why taxpayers are spending billions of dollars looking for bodies left behind decades ago in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and other war zones? This "leave no one behind" mentality is typical military: sympathy, not sense.

A dead body isn't any less dead buried here or lost on some military adventure! Tell those in Washington to stop looking after one year. The Pentagon is a vast wasteland of old, failed ideas combined with money-absorbing myths. Dead is dead!

Don't like this? Then how about withholding survivor benefits until the body is found?

Jacqueline O'Connor

Sierra Vista

Star didn't quote those who like SunGO

Re: the July 3 article "Sun Tran riders face problems with new prepaid-fare cards" and July 8 column "Sun Tran still wrestling with several SunGO-card problems."

The Daily Star's Joe Ferguson is a reporter, not a journalist. When reporting on the SunGO card system he was eager to write only the negative without cross-checking facts.

Did he speak with any drivers before making them look like heartless people? No, he did not. Did he talk to the hundreds if not thousands that are happy with the new system? No again.

I understand your paper is getting thinner, but if a person is going to get a third of a page, he should be more rounded in his reporting. He came off more as a disgruntled blogger than the professional he is supposed to be.

Larry Paxton

Sun Tran driver, Tucson

There were no riots over O.J. verdict

Re: the July 15 article "Preachers, protesters voice disappointment."

It's interesting when the tables are turned. Where were the riots when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty? I'm sure that Nicole Brown's family felt the same way as Trayvon's family.

Karen Zinck


Rosemont supporters see dollar signs only

The full-page ad in the July 7 edition of the Daily Star "We're Ready" was sponsored by individuals of the Southern Arizona Business Coalition in support of the Rosemont mine.

This organization consists of a group of environmental "insensitives" who are perfectly happy to see the water resources of the Santa Rita Mountains, the Rosemont area, Green Valley and other communities degrade so they can make a few dollars off the deal.

Of course, the mine will impact a number of other environmental factors beyond water, including cultural resources and wildlife.

Isn't greed wonderful?

James E. Ayres

Retired, Tucson