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September 22, 2013 12:00 am

Star should be

ashamed of cartoon

Re: the Sept. 18 editorial cartoon by Rob Rogers

I am appalled and angry that the Arizona Daily Star would use the tragedy in Colorado to promote its radical, ultra-left views against the NRA and the promotion of gun control. Our family lived in Longmont back in the ’80s and enjoyed the area. To see the devastation that has taken place has truly saddened us.

After seeing this political cartoon, I had to write about my overall distaste of the Daily Star and its political views. I usually never read the editorial pages, but this cartoon caught my eye because we lived in the area that was affected by the floods. You should be ashamed, but then again you are liberals, and anything goes.

Peter Morris

Retired, Tucson

Better Obamacared

than Bushwhacked

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act passed by the Congress and cleared by the Supreme Court apparently think that calling it “Obamacare” will belittle and scorn it — and the president who produced it.

I’ve experienced the presidencies of two Bushes and now Obama. And I’d much rather be Obamacared than Bushwhacked.

Dick Homan

Retired, Green Valley

Putin’s right: America

is not exceptional

America is a great nation, better than most and certainly better than Mr. Putin’s Russia, but it is not exceptional.

A country that is the richest nation on Earth but that has over 15 percent of its citizens living in poverty and without adequate health care, that loses over 30,000 people annually through gun violence, that cannot take care of its veterans and that still discriminates against minorities and women is not exceptional.

A country that does not believe in a strong middle class, cuts funding for education, shortchanges research in renewable energy and environmental improvements, has a decaying infrastructure and a completely dysfunctional and legally corrupt Congress is not exceptional.

This country has the potential to become exceptional, but only if we raise our ethical standards and strongly defend our value systems. Let’s work together to make our nation truly exceptional.

Gunter Pawlowski

Retired, Tucson

‘Re-homing’ adoptees

can’t be tolerated

Re: the Sept. 11 column “Underground network passes off unwanted adoptees.”

Those adopting children need to understand they are making a lifelong commitment. The “re-homing” of adoptees as if they were unwanted kittens makes a travesty of this commitment.

As a parent who adopted seven older children, I know firsthand that difficulties are inevitable. Some problems are enormous. Some parents can’t cope and give up. Most adoptive families, however, weather these trials and successfully raise their children.

The North American Council on Adoptable Children has identified factors leading to good adoption outcomes. First, parents and children alike need adequate preparation for adoption. Second, a range of post-adoption support services needs to be available for all adoptive families, whether the adoptions occur through social services, privately or internationally. Third, experienced parents can help others through rough times.

When the adoption falters, parents should call on Child Protective Services for help. Casual transfer of a child should be severely sanctioned.

Margaret Ward

Retired teacher, Tucson

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