Thanks, D-M pilots, for the contrail show

Just wondering if anyone saw what I call "art in the sky"? The contrails were beautiful. Thanks to the pilots from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Great show for the Memorial Day weekend.

Lyletta Groves

Retired, Oro Valley

Writer wrong on climate change

Re: the May 21 guest editorial "Overheated climate rhetoric hurts the economy."

Lamar Smith does not know what he is talking about. There is no uncertainty in climate science regarding the fact of global warming and the fact that human carbon dioxide production is causing it.

This science is not new - the warming itself was observed more than 120 years ago, the carbon dioxide explanation was advanced over 90 years ago, and our computers and data became good enough to prove it in the '90s, after which scientific publications no longer accepted articles to the contrary.

The only open scientific questions now are how fast the planet is warming and how adverse for human civilization the consequences will be. The alternative "environment vs. economy" is false - without the environment there is no economy. We can get energy from other sources, but there is no substitute for weather that allows us to grow food and rainfall that fills our reservoirs instead of our streets.

David P. Vernon

Independent management consultant, Tucson

It was a great school year - on to the next

Re: the May 20 letter to the editor "Positive things happening in TUSD."

I work for a little known gem of a school in TUSD called Collier Elementary. This was my first year teaching at Collier and my 10th year with TUSD.

I just want to say what an amazing year I have had at this dynamo of a school. My students were enthusiastic learners and always ready to meet a new challenge. I was warmly welcomed into this community by both staff and parents.

This school has so many great things happening. We have an outstanding art teacher, Spanish teacher, P.E. teacher, and Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA). Aside from the extras, the highly qualified teachers are dedicated to making sure every student has an excellent education and the parents are there supporting us through the year.

I am so excited to start the new school year. Thank you Collier Elementary.

Cynthia Busby

Teacher, Tucson

5 minutes can be difference in life, death

Re: the May 24 letter to the editor "Amber Alert could wait for another 5 minutes."

As a member of The Tucson Compassionate Friends, an organization for bereaved parents, those precious five minutes could make the difference of life or death!

Phyllis J. Turner

Retired teacher, Tucson