Adoption is better option for some babies

The series on poverty has been very enlightening. I would also like to see some articles on the availability of adoption agencies in Tucson, the adoption procedure and the follow-up, particularly as they affect teenage pregnancy.

Our granddaughter was adopted and it was very hard for the teen birth mother to part with her newborn infant (she changed her mind twice after the birth), but the benefits to this little human being outweighed the emotions of keeping the child.

The mindset of raising a child that is a burden to a teen mother versus raising a child that was prayed for cannot be overlooked.

Dorothy Jacobs

Retired, Tucson

F-35s aren’t coming — and we’re lucky?

Re: the July 29 article “Luke AFB getting major redo to prepare for F-35s’ arrival.”

There have been several letters to the editor pointing out all the mistakes of the F-35 Lightning II. I do hope the writers have contacted the Air Force, as I’ve read they plan to construct 144 of the single-engine stealth jets that military analysts say will be crucial to air defense operation for 40 years.

Also they pointed out how lucky Tucson will be that the F-35 is not coming to Davis-Monthan. I do hope they have notified Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, who said the “high-dollar construction program associated with the jets at Luke will boost the entire Phoenix valley’s economy.” Shouldn’t someone warn them they are doomed?

S.M. Beaumont


Justice ran its course in Zimmerman trial

I don’t have an opinion on the jury’s decision at the Zimmerman trial. I only got bits and pieces from various news media.

What is disturbing to me is that prior to the trial there was a hue and cry for “justice for Trayvon.” I thought the trial of Zimmerman was just that.

It now appears that many people are disappointed by the verdict and have begun to repeat the demand. This is exactly like the Old West joke, “We’ll give him a fair trial and then hang him.”

Hal Bardach


Cloth diapers worked just fine for generations

Re: the July 30 article “Diaper need forces some to steal, go without food.”

Where has our modern society brought us? I assume the people in the story are using disposable diapers, and my question is, what happened to cloth diapers? We used them with our kids years ago, washed them, and put them back on the babies. When the cloth diapers wore out we found all kinds of uses for them. This is an example that all progress is not necessarily good.

Bob Pillsbury

Retired, Tucson

Our unsightly entrance to downtown

I am a great fan of downtown development. I am really excited about public art and can’t wait for the streetcar.

However, when I drive into downtown on Broadway, as I come up from the underpass, I am confronted with two of the ugliest buildings I have seen in a long while!

The design of The Cadence is bereft of any aesthetic qualities. Can’t we throw some public art up on those walls? Put up an ornamental grill similar to the ones on the parking garage?

Is it too much to ask to have the entrance to downtown be aesthetically, as well as economically, stimulating?

Melinda Collins Knick


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