U.S. Air Force Col. Roderick Cregier flies his F-35 , right, next to an F-16 before landing at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona, Monday, March 10th, 2014. The aircraft is the first of 144 F-35’s that will be based at Luke, signaling the beginning of a new mission at the base, to train fighter pilots in the F-35 for the next few decades to come. Photo by Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic

Tom Tingle / The Arizona Republi

City’s seal of approval on insurer seems fishy

About the city of Tucson endorsing water pipe warranties: I received another letter from the city on July 1, just like the first one, signed by Richard Miranda. Can the city actually warrant this company always being viable and able to stand behind their claims should the pipes burst, leak, etc.? Does Miranda actually have the authority to do this? The incoming city manager may have different ideas.

Where are you Mr. Arizona attorney general? This stinks.

JoAnn Cunningham

Retired, Tucson

Men’s national team represented US well

The dream is certainly not over. We have four more years to dream until World Cup in Russia in 2018. The 2014 United States team should hold its head high. Tim Howard was poetry in motion, a world-class player. What a great run it was. Thank you for representing USA so professionally.

Jay Van Echo

Dairy goat rancher, Tucson

Wonder about the F-35? Arrange a flyover

Re: June 29 article “A-10 retirement plan raises stakes for D-M noise critics.”

New Mexico residents believe the F-35 has repeatedly flown there. The Air Force ignores their inquiries. Takeoff and landing noise was heard on private and public lands, miles from the base.

Communities there experienced sonic booms worse than the worst F-22 sonic booms they have experienced, causing physical pain for them and their animals. The noise significantly affects their quality of life, but despite citizens’ concerns, the Air Force expanded its airspace.

They say anyone claiming the F-35 is OK for areas near residences either has no F-35 experience or does not care about residents.

Is this what we want for Tucson?

Their elected officials have remained mostly silent.

I call on our elected officials to demand a demonstration flyover of Tucson (by the same version of F-35 that is planned for Tucson) and flown in the same manner as pilots being newly trained in flying the F-35, since the plan for Tucson is training pilots to fly the F-35.

Lee Stanfield

Retired social worker, Tucson

US taxpayers stuck with cost of child influx

Just once I would love to hear President Obama speak up for the American taxpayer. He needs to announce to Central America and Mexico that the U.S. will not accept any more illegal immigrants — no matter what their age.

This might seem callous, but how many more thousands of immigrant children (or adults) is the American taxpayer going to be asked to support? It has to stop somewhere. If this influx of kids is not stopped, it won’t stop. The word must be put out that we can no longer care for another country’s children.

Whatever happened to taking responsibility for one’s own family and citizens? We can take care of kids from another country but we can’t take care of our own homeless people (including kids)?

Why has the president not confronted Central America and Mexico, telling them they need to take responsibility for their citizens? And, why is the American media not asking this question?

Karen McKee

Retired, Tucson

Maybe city will endorse my business, too

Hey, Tucson mayor and council! So glad to see your support for businesses. I own a small dry cleaners on the east side. Would you kindly endorse my business and send out invitations on Tucson stationery for folks to use my services? Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Clifford Schneider

Small-business owner, Tucson

Blatant inequality

a bitter pill

Re: the July 3 letter “Court retaliates with Hobby Lobby decision.”

It’s all about sex. Fertile females want to have sex without fear of pregnancy and want others to defray their contraceptive cost. On the other hand, older males want to have sex, but may have vascular problems that deny them that activity. However, there is no available insurance help to defray the cost of oral or injectable agents that would allow them to function properly. Is this a “War on Old Men”?

Richard Switzer

Retired urologist, Tucson