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October 08, 2013 12:00 am

Tea-party Republicans are not a fringe

Re: the Oct. 2. editorial “No reasoning with bully tea-party Republicans.”

The people you call “tea-party fringe Republicans” comprise a majority in the House of Representatives. They represent the majority of the American people. They believe that their constituents want Obamacare repealed and that, pending repeal, we want the damage limited. If they are wrong about what the voters want, the voters will tell them so.

You are the ones who are throwing the tantrums. You seem to think that you rule by divine right. You think that you have a monopoly franchise on “protest.” You think that the laws you approve of are written in stone, while those that you don’t like are always subject to repeal.

Guess what? Other people can protest, and other people can vote to repeal legislation. Get over it.

Stephen Deatrick

Retired computer programmer, Sierra Vista

Gov’t shutdown shouldn’t be surprise

When Congress is on vacation, which is a lot of the time, it does nothing. When Congress is not on vacation, it does less than nothing. Both parties agree on nothing.

The government shutdown shouldn’t bother us — we should be used to it.

Frank Lavigne

Rio Rico

Adequate investigation on Benghazi still needed

Re: the Oct. 1 article “2 generals forced to retire for Afghan breach.”

The Marine Corps took action against two generals for their failure to provide adequate security against attack at an Afghan airfield, resulting in two Marine deaths. Too bad that in over a year we have not had an adequate investigation and action against those who failed to provide adequate security against the consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

R. Brubaker

Retired military, Tucson

Drivers need help

with new intersection

Re: the Oct. 1 article “Expect delays as Ina-Oracle lights are reset.”

Preliminarily, I disagree — until the roadway is fully functional as a “Michigan left.”

I have driven through the reconstructed Ina-Oracle intersection several times. I believe the state and county made two mistakes:

1) Not having the roadway completely functional before implementing it. The construction-in-process barriers that were present  only added to the confusion.

2) The public was insufficiently prepared for understanding the process. I don’t recall seeing much in the media to show and explain the process. I “studied” the process (found excellent information on the Internet) and feel I can manage it quite well.

Change can be difficult – for some more than others. Surely, we are just as capable of adjusting to change as the people of Michigan (and other states).

As long as it achieves its intent as a better means of facilitating a high traffic area, I can work with it.

Don Gerlach

Retired, Tucson

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