College football

isn’t for sissies

Re: the Aug. 17 letter “Millionaire coaches abuse student-athletes.”

The letter appears to be a parody. I just can’t believe that the writer actually thinks the extremely physical sport of college football can be played without the coaches yelling at the players from time to time. Regarding football practice, Greg Hansen said, “It’s not choir practice.”

Douglas R. Holm

CPA, Tucson

I’m getting great care

at Southern Arizona VA

Recently we have heard and read many negative reports about Veterans Affairs facilities throughout our country. I would like to take this opportunity to say something positive.

I have been a patient at the Southern Arizona VA in Tucson for over 12 years. Over those years I have been treated professionally and compassionately in every encounter. I have seldom received the same level of personal, caring attention in the “civilian” world that I have come to expect at the VA.

I give special thanks to my primary care team, anchored by Marion Adams, as well as my oncologist, Dr. Scott Ringenberg. Other specialties such as eye care, orthopedics, emergency services and pharmacy have been beyond excellent as well.

Many thanks to our extraordinary Southern Arizona VA for a truly fine job!

Ken Easton

Retired, Tucson

New animal shelter desperately needed

In November, we will have the opportunity to vote for Proposition 415, a much-needed new animal shelter for Pima County. Thank you, Jack and Cathy Neuman for being the driving force behind this proposition and the many positive changes now taking place at Pima Animal Care Center.

They are responsible for starting the community and holiday animal events to increase the volunteer base. They attended many county Board of Supervisors meetings, wrote letters and spoke with county officials to bring attention to PACC.

This attention brought about the hiring of a new shelter veterinarian and now medicines are being provided for valley fever, tick fever and other illnesses. Additions to staff, a temporary tent for more kennels and other changes to benefit the animals and staff are due to the hard work of Jack and Cathy.

They are dedicated PACC volunteers and voices for the voiceless because they truly care. Please vote for Prop. 415.

Mariana Parker

PACC volunteer, Tucson

Hey, cop bashers: Direct your ire toward the NRA

Re: the Aug. 17 column “Dress for success: Avoid militarizing crowd control.”

I felt I had to respond to this as this person has his head in the sand or some other dark place. With so many people packing weapons of all kinds, what do you expect the police to do when confronting mobs or groups of demonstrators that can turn into a riot in a moment’s notice? Don’t condemn the police, who need to protect themselves. Condemn the National Rifle Association for turning this country into an armed camp.

Condemn every freedom-quoting, gun-toting person who thinks carrying a weapon is freedom, when in fact it forces our police to arm themselves for survival to a point where it diminishes all our freedoms.

There is a lot the police can and must do better. Walk in their shoes before you are so quick to condemn and criticize. They put their lives on the line for us 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Jerome Natt

Retired, Tucson

Putting down the paper, turning on the tube

What I once got on my iPad from the Star is now apparently being offered for a price. This happened sometime around July, I think? I guess all good things come to an end. You have found a way to generate more revenue from a dying “art form,” the daily newspaper that one can read at their leisure while still being able to get the feel and smell of ink on their hands and in their nose.

The articles and sports info I got from you were enough for me to satisfy my news and sports curiosity. I will just have to rely on “Late Breaking” news on TV to keep up with what’s happening in our city and in the world. What I hated most about your paper were the reams of advertising, especially on Sunday, in the Star.

Kenneth Unwin

Retired newspaper reader, Tucson

Why all the love

for this Stanhope guy?

Re: the Aug. 14 article “Bisbee’s style suits comic Doug Stanhope.”

Your three-page spread on the middle-aged comedian living in Bisbee was an insult to my intelligence as an Arizona Star subscriber. What redeeming qualities does this guy and his girlfriend have when all they seem to do is smoke, drink and eat at the local greasy spoon? Then go home to party on their patio which they proclaim is the only sports bar in town. Later they crash on the couch and awake at 10 a.m. the next morning with hangovers.

There are many people in Arizona who are doing amazing things to make this world a better place in which to live. Follow them around for three days, not some middle-aged comedian I have never heard of who can’t seem to go two minutes without smoking or having a drink.

Norlene Kemp

Retired, Tucson