Republicans return to same old agenda

The elections are over. The likes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been defeated. The Republicans changed their tactics for a while and are back to their agenda.

Republicans are calling their party a party of stupid. They did not vote immediately for aid for the disaster in New York and New Jersey. Colin Powell said the party needs to change.

Will somebody bring this to the attention of the elected congressmen and senators, who only hold an 8 percent approval rating?

Anant M. Pathak


Writer was wrong about Ore. shooting

Re: the Jan. 28 articles "Is putting armed guards in schools a good idea?"

In your recent editorial Yes/No piece, the Oakland, Calif., writer implies that the presence of a legally armed shopper at a Portland, Ore., mall caused the sniper to cease killing and to then shoot himself.

We were in Portland then, and the story being told is quite different. The good Samaritan took aim and then stopped for fear he would kill innocents nearby if he missed the sniper. He put his gun away. The sniper killed himself some time thereafter.

The message of that moment centered around the potential for added killings if more armed citizens had tried to shoot the sniper and had killed a bystander instead. Those were the words of this legally armed citizen who saw the danger of his own attempted intervention. The writer made an incorrect and dangerous conclusion that was not what was being reported.

William Pederson


Vonnegut saw automation's future

Re: the Jan. 25 article "A world where jobs go extinct wholesale."

It looks like time for a reissue of the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 1952 novel "Player Piano."

Lois Smith

Retired, Tucson

Congratulations to bighorn hunter

Re: the Jan. 19 article "Tucson boy, 10, bags bighorn; he's youngest in recent history."

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment! And to your mom, kudos for making the sacrifice of giving your son such a great gift.

Your entire family should be proud, for it's sportsmen just like you who provide the funding necessary to protect the wildlife and habitat everyone enjoys. You've also played an important role in helping humanely manage wildlife populations. Keep up your support and love for our great outdoors and in one of our great American traditions - hopefully, other young men and women will follow.

Mike Sacco

Local government employee, Tucson

Downtown Tucson is a great experience

Re: the Jan. 26 column "Like Tucson's own phoenix, a wonderful downtown rises anew."

As new full-time residents of the Tucson area, I want to echo David Fitzsimmons' comments about the revival of downtown Tucson. Last Saturday we ventured out from Oro Valley for our first nighttime visit to downtown, and we were impressed with the vitality and energy on display.

During dinner at the bar of a trendy restaurant, we learned that our dining neighbors were on their way to the Fox Theatre for the Chick Corea event. Our destination was the Tucson Music Hall, for a great show put on by the Indigo Girls backed by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.

On our way to the Music Hall, we saw a large line of folks waiting to get into the Convention Center for a Wildcat hockey game. Parking was easy, and for us free, streets were well-lighted and with so much activity seemed very safe, and we were back to our house in Oro Valley in a swift 20 minutes.

Wow, there is a lot going on in downtown Tucson. What a great experience!

Michael Parker

Retired, Oro Valley