Kids’ education needs

protection, too

Re: the July 12 article “Judge: AZ owes $316M to schools.”

Like most of us full-time desert dwellers, I am hunkered down for the summer. Just surviving until the next cool breeze. Thank goodness our state government provides us with a steady stream of entertainment.

Apparently, in the mind of our governor, it’s OK to defy a voter-approved state law by withholding money from our schools in the name of protecting “our state’s public safety and vulnerable populations.” And, according to the chair of our state’s House Appropriations Committee, this ruling by the court will create “a real fiscal crisis,” while ignoring what damage these cuts to our educational system may have imposed on our children.

I guess our children are not a vulnerable population and shortchanging their education is better than a fiscal crisis. Really!

Andrew Lavin

Retired, Marana

Small businesses

can’t afford family leave

Allowing six weeks of paid leave for a family event is fine for a university or government entity that does not rely on good management to survive. Few small businesses have the resources to offer such a benefit.

Contrary to apparent public opinion, many small businesses do not make a lot of money. They exist for the simple fact that the owners enjoy the pride and freedom being self-employed provides, and even that is being eroded by government regulations and requirements.

I find it hard to believe there is no additional cost borne by the institution providing paid leave.

It is my experience that any employee who is not needed for six weeks is probably not needed at all, but no government agency is willing or able to make that judgment, and we all pay the price for it.

Norm Nelson

Retired business owner, Tucson

Indeed, UAMC facilities

are not the problem

Re: the July 13 letter “UAMC facilities aren’t the problem.”

I also agree. About eight years ago I was loaded into the medevac chopper in Cochise County and sent to Tucson and the University of Arizona Medical Center.

I had a fractured cheekbone, fractured eye socket, swelling of the left side of my brain, numerous flesh wounds and my hearing was damaged.

Now the point I want to make is, I don’t care if the rooms were designed back in 1971, I could not even tell you what color the walls, the curtains or the floors were.

It is not like I was checking into a five-star hotel.

The doctors and nurses were AAA plus, and that is what counts. Management needs to retain their staff — and get out of the way of the staff doing their jobs.

Gary Erickson

Fleet parts, Benson