Bighorn relocation benefits trophy hunters

Can we please make a distinction between legitimate conservation and trophy hunting masquerading as conservation in the debate about the extravagant effort of the taxpayer-funded Game and Fish Department to relocate bighorn sheep.

The Safari Club, a contributor to the relocation, is perhaps the most egregious for cloaking their international trophy hunting as conservation. The organization’s trophy hunting competitions involve rare and threatened species for the highest scores, and through their wealthy membership, the Safari Club even lobbies to weaken the Endangered Species Act to import these trophies. The club also participates in “canned hunts,” the shooting of captive animals, and even recently auctioned a permit to kill one of the last remaining black rhinos.

Game and Fish should be reviewed. Given the roster of contributors and affiliations of the “Citizen’s Advisory Committee,” this hugely expensive project has been created ultimately for trophy hunters. Game and Fish does not have respect for wildlife when killing, instead of relocating, neighborhood nuisances like javelina.

Candace Charvoz Frank

Semi-retired, Tucson

Minimum wage isn’t enough

Let’s talk numbers, real life numbers. The question we want to ask ourselves is, can a family of three survive independently in Arizona with minimum wage salaries?

At $1,012 a month after taxes assessed, I think not, at least not without government assistance. Keep in mind this is the income for two adults in the household. The cost of food, rent, utilities, child services increase every year, yet the minimum wage remains a poverty trap that prevents growth for 30 percent to 40 percent of our state.

This is extremely scary and urgent. At these rates, rivaling growing economies rather than a world power, it is time for a restructuring of our system to reflect real life scenarios rather than partisan policies. Let’s put the word out and create an opportunity for growth in this wonderful state of Arizona.

Tom Sende

Finance, Tucson

Huppenthal must be held accountable

Inappropriate and distasteful blog comments made by Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal have led to calls for his resignation and for a recall effort.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce strongly condemns his anonymous blog comments and his inadequate explanation for his hurtful words. Huppenthal’s comments continue the gross misperceptions about Arizona by the rest of the nation: that our residents support bigotry and completely lack the sensitivity to embrace the growing demographic changes in our region.

Voters placed him in office and he has treated that office with disrespect by voicing opinions that do not reflect the opinions of his constituents.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes and values the bilingual and bicultural business community. Huppenthal’s comments show his disregard for the value of the rich diversity of the school children his office supports. Huppenthal must be held accountable for his inflammatory comments.

Lea Marquez Peterson

President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tucson

It’s Christian to reject child migrants

Letter writer Robert Mac Nish claims that no Christians would participate in the demonstrations against illegal children from Central America. Well, I am a devout Christian and I do have the audacity to vehemently disagree with the Obama administration’s policy to turn a blind eye to the influx of illegal children and adults from Central America.

These children and adults, if allowed to stay, in a few short years will create feral teenage gangs, lowered public school standards for everyone, rampant crime, unwanted uncontrollable communicable diseases, monetary ramifications, etc.

Here at home, Tucson has homeless children, substandard foster care, diminishing school standards, and so on. Don’t forget the crime waves in Chicago and Detroit. The U.S. has enough on its own plate to deal with rather than adding to the imbroglio with these illegal immigrants.

There is nothing “Christian” about the future problems mentioned if this disaster continues.

Wanita Christensen

Retired, Tucson

Government failed in immigration crisis

Generations earned citizenship through an immigration process proven effective until our government, enabled by a passive Congress and distracted citizens, let foreigners walk in and vanish amongst us.

The peak year for admission of immigrants was 1907, when approximately 1.3 million entered legally. Their reasons were no different than those claimed today. The 1907 immigrants also included those trying to escape starvation, oppression or simply taking the risk for a better life and freedom. Why is it that, in 1907, we could process more than 100,000 immigrants a month and we cannot today?

Whatever the reasons, incompetence or hidden motives, our public servants are failing us and put us in danger as America has more dedicated enemies today than in the early 1900s.

A country with open borders is no longer a country.

Citizenship should not be stolen.

Immigration is not invasion.

It is unfair to those who stand in line to legally join us to be bypassed by those who start the journey by breaking our laws.

Aymon Maulandi

Retiree, Tucson