Please attend hearing

on border issues

I’m sitting on my front porch, looking at Homeland Security’s ineffective, invasive border wall. When I go out on my back patio, I wonder how many drones are watching me. This isn’t what life in Arizona’s high mountain desert is supposed to feel like.

It’s time to redefine “border security.” That’s what border members of Congress plan to do today at a hearing and press conference in Nogales. Border security means protecting our safety and our way of life. Those patrolling our borderline must also defend the air, water and wildlife of our borderlands.

We need sensible immigration reform and upgraded ports of entry, not a clone of the Berlin Wall.

Please attend and learn more at the hearing scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, 2150 N. Congress Drive. A press conference will follow at 3:30 p.m. on the corner of Court and Morley.

Margaret Foley Case

Retired attorney, Palominas

Obamacare alternatives

were offered by GOP

Re: the Sept. 9 letter to the editor “American al-Qaida would kill Obamacare.”

The writer accuses some GOP congressional representatives of never offering an alternative to Obamacare. Where was he when this unpopular and unsustainable bill was being debated leading up to its passage? A bill that became law with the help of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi offering goodies to those on the left for their “yes” votes even if they knew Obamacare would fail.

The fact is the GOP offered common-sense suggestions to improve health care, including serious tort reform, allowing insurance providers to compete across state lines and providing health-care savings plans to those who wanted them.

Calling GOP representatives the American version of al-Qaida sounds like desperation on the part of the writer, who I suspect realizes that Obamacare is indeed unpopular, unsustainable and obviously a train wreck waiting to happen.

Lindsey Smith

Retired, Tucson

Look at Obamacare;

it deserves defunding

Re: the Aug. 24 letter to the editor “Religious politicians ignore the Bible.”

The writer reveals ideologies that charity comes from the state. Obamacare is not a charity. It was determined to be constitutional under the “enumerated power of taxation granted to Congress.” There are better ideas that address health-care access and health-care costs. The Empowering Patients First Act has been introduced three times in the House of Representatives.

I encourage readers to take a look and consider the defunding of Obamacare. Real charity starts at home and in our churches, beginning with the 10 percent tithe. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

Linda Schulte

Cost analyst, Tucson

What we need is jobs, not more forced charity

Re: the Aug. 25 letter to the editor “Society must do better for those in poverty.”

In response to the letter writer who levies the guilt on me, I’d like to bring to her attention what I currently pay to help the poor out of poverty.

I subsidize their housing, day care, food, public education and medical care. I make sure they can get to work through public transport. I pay for their abortions whether I agree or not. I subsidize their electric bill and I send social workers to them when I learn the family is dysfunctional. I pay for their cellphones.

While the letter writer is convinced I need to do more, she didn’t tell me what exactly it is that I need to do, perhaps a new iPad or Kindle? The only thing that moves a person from poverty is a job. Tucson needs to welcome new employers and bring jobs to the community.

Patricia Cowan

Retired, Tucson

Star is resembling

National Enquirer

Re: the Sept. 6 article “Ina-Oracle gets ‘Michigan loony’ left.”

The Daily Star has shown that it no longer wants to be known as a legitimate newspaper. A responsible reporter would have waited until the Ina-Oracle project was completed and operating before making such a dumb comment.

And a legitimate newspaper would not have used the comment as their banner headline. Are you trying to emulate the National Enquirer?

Henry G. Tarbox

Chair, Northwest Area Transportation Coalition

Support candidates

who’ll fund education

Re: the Aug. 23 guest column “Support our teachers by contributing to new fund.”

Jim Click’s fund deserves our support, but even he seems to understand that the fund should be temporary. He wrote, “We cannot afford to wait for federal or state funding to fill in the gaps in our education system.”

How admirable for a Republican to acknowledge that Republicans who control state government leave “gaps” in education funding.

But that is a polite understatement. The Legislature in recent years diverted millions in federal stimulus money earmarked for education, slashed public education funding leaving Arizona near the bottom in per-pupil funding and partially restored that funding only after a court ordered it to do so. Those are some “gaps!”

Let’s join Click by not waiting for the state government to adequately fund public education by not waiting to support candidates who will.

We shouldn’t need additional private funding of public education. The Arizona Constitution requires that be part of every budget.

Grant Winston

Attorney, Tucson