Keep bighorn reintro in wider perspective

To all you haters of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s reintroduction of bighorn sheep to the Catalinas, I say, look at the big picture. Bighorns, cougars and bears coexisted here for years before us. The cougars and bears adapted fairly well. The bighorns not so well.

Game and Fish is trying to bring back the sheep on its own dime (hunting and fishing licenses, not taxpayer money), and a few cougars may get killed before re-establishing the population. I hate that, too, but stop with taking the sympathy level to the nth degree. The cougars are killing machines that will kill you and eat you with nary a shed tear. Try to keep it in perspective.

Craig Kent

Sun Tran bus driver, Tucson

Downtown library is being misused

As a patron of the downtown library, I have yet to find a quiet corner in the whole building. Although the third floor is apparently reserved as a “quiet area,” staff does not readily enforce this.

After four weeks of trying to conduct some research amid loud conversations, phones playing music, patrons talking on their phones, bathrooms used for daily hygiene and teenagers with no apparent intention to forgo texting for the pleasure of actually reading a book, my attention turned to the patrons doing all this.

What I noticed is that the library really doubles as a facility catering to those that don’t have a home to go to. Granted, the library serves the population in general, but precluding real patrons in favor of those that are living their daily lives by using the facility as their phone booth, shower room, dining and social gathering area does not serve the taxpayer.

Sonia Rodriguez

Realtor, Tucson

Grateful for Star’s journalists

Opening the newspaper on Black Friday morning, I found even more to be thankful for. Tim Steller’s column on La Placita and the ironic suggestion of razing it in the name of urban renewal made me grateful for a community paper whose columnists are rooted here in the Old Pueblo.

Greg Hansen’s decades-long perspective on local and regional sports cannot be matched. Tony Davis ably walks the treacherous lines of reporting on complex issues related to the Southwest environment, business interests and governmental regulation. Doug Kreutz guides us along the region’s physical trails as only an experienced area hiker could.

Tom Beal translates the research unfolding in a vast array of disciplines, allowing us to appreciate the diverse and cutting-edge science taking place right here in Tucson.

And it turns out that local treasure David Fitzsimmons is an even better writer than he is a cartoonist! Here’s hoping the Daily Star stays with us for a long, long time.

Mary Black

Program manager, Tucson

Letter’s comparison was absurd

Re: the Nov. 29 letter to the editor “Compare WWII ramp-up with health website.”

The absurdity of this letter must not be left unchallenged. The United States and its allies banded together against the common foe, and through great effort and sacrifice defeated the enemy and saved the world from evil and slavery.

The Republican Party, however, has by itself banded together to obstruct and defeat anything that President Obama, elected twice by large popular vote, has attempted to accomplish. The Affordable Care Act has the promise to bring health insurance and care to millions who have been unethically denied coverage in the past. Republicans have for three and a half years thrown roadblock after roadblock in the way of implementation. If they had expended their efforts toward making the ACA work, we would have had a completely different launch.

Trying to compare these two efforts shows the writer’s lack of logic and willingness to accept the obstructionist-at-any-cost agenda of the extreme right wing.

Rich Davies

Retired, SaddleBrooke