Letter on Obamacare

needed fact checking

Re: the Aug. 8 letter “Obamacare has failed to deliver, doctor says.”

The writer should check his facts before writing a condemnation of the Affordable Health Care Act. The facts are that two insurance companies in Arizona, Cigna and Humana, have requested premium increases of 14 percent and 25 percent. Because of the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act, those rate increases trigger a mandatory review because they are double-digit increases. Before the Affordable Care Act, these increases would have occurred with no oversight or review.

Another fact is that Arizona had among the largest selection of plans and lowest average rates during the first year. So even if the rate increases of these two plans were approved, Arizonans have many other plans to choose from.

Karen Randolph

Retired, Tucson

Feral cat neuter program

good, but not enough

Re: the Aug. 8 letter “Feral cat program is a waste of money.”

The writer disagrees with spending $600,000 to neuter feral cats, but she is shortsighted in her thinking.

Tucson should initiate innovative policies to control the companion-animal population, which is caused by people, not animals. Not only should the proposed program go forward, but these progressive humanitarians should also (1) enact ordinances requiring all animals be neutered; (2) offer the program free to all; and (3) require all breed-specific businesses to pay huge licensing fees until no animal is euthanized because of homelessness.

Let the breeders protest. This is a greater good issue and they are on the wrong side of what is right and humane.

Roberta Wright

Retired, Tucson

People are responsible

for feral cat problem

I seem to be able to sympathize with both sides of this issue. To sterilize and release will in time diminish the problem. It’s wonderful that this will actually happen. I also understand the frustration of the people dealing with the smell and noise of feral cats. What I don’t understand is what’s missing. Why is no one discussing the actual cause of the problem? These cats did not just materialize. They did not choose such a miserable life. They are there due to irresponsible people. To actually stop the problem for good, something must be done to educate and/or hold people responsible for moving out and abandoning “the kitty.” Humans are responsible for this problem not the felines.

Barbara McCarthy

Retired, Tucson

Taxpayers on the hook

for lawsuit costs

I would like to know how much the House of Representatives’ lawsuit will cost the American taxpayer.

If the Republican suit goes forward, we will bear the expense.

This leads me to wonder if the cost of President Obama’s defense will also fall upon us.

It seems to me that the speaker of the House is spearing a losing proposition for the American people.

As a taxpayer, I would rather see my money used for things such as improving the safety of our infrastructure, ending the warehousing of children on the border and ensuring the continuation of Social Security and Medicare.

Lynda Wilder

Retired, Tucson