Popular trail area needs restroom facilities

Given the mix of people who use the Sweetwater Trail system at the end of Tortolita Road (hikers, bikers, horses, joggers, birders, etc.), it would be appropriate for the city or county to put in a bathroom at the trailhead.

There is a nice parking lot, but no other facilities at all, forcing some people to find a "baño bush," which just creates more of a mess.

The Southern Arizona Mountain Biking Association and other groups might be willing to contribute if we could end the waste.

Kirk Astroth

Mountain biker, Tucson

Newly approved fee law ignores will of students

Re: the April 6 legislative brief "Brewer signs student association fee bill."

The fate of ASA belongs with the students, not the Arizona Legislature.

HB 2169, sponsored by Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, and recently signed by Gov. Jan Brewer, changes the way Arizona universities collect student fees for groups that aren't officially recognized as student organizations.

The bill signals the end of the Arizona Students Association, a statewide student lobbying group that works for affordable and accessible higher education.

ASA is funded by student donations garnered from referendums in 1997 and 2008. HB 2169 strips away the ability of the students to make decisions concerning student fees and leaves the decision squarely with the Legislature. The best way to resolve the problem of student fees going to political causes is to let students resolve this through referendum. Once students voice their opinion on the matter, then the regents and legislators can have their say.

This bill becoming law is an example of elected officials ignoring the will of students. After more than 1,000 students made phone calls and wrote letters to voice their opposition to this bad piece of legislation, the governor systematically opposed the will of the students. If a student group lobbying on behalf of education is misusing funds, then let the students dismantle it.

Nima Poitzsch


Pac-12 should refund $25,000 to Miller

Ed Rush finally did the right thing. He admitted the officials made the wrong call.

Larry Scott, on the other hand, insists he can do no wrong. "The fine given to Coach Sean Miller was a separate incident." What? Coach Miller's frustration was a direct result of that blown call. How can you call it a "separate incident" when that typical piece of inept Pac-12 officiating decided the outcome of the game?

Mr. Scott, do the right thing and make a direct deposit back to Coach Miller's account. $25,000.

Gene Garrett

Retired educator/coach, SaddleBrooke

Many area groups helped in book event

The board of First Book Tucson wants to let all of the city know how lucky we all are to live here - a city full of people willing to give of their time and energy to help others.

Our organization was the recipient of a truckload of books. The books were free through our parent organization - First Book, which works to provide new books for children who may not have any books.

Bookmans was able to provide us with warehouse space, volunteers, boxes and all sorts of support. Volunteers from Davis-Monthan unpacked, sorted and stacked all 37,000 books in one day when we thought it would take three days. Friends of the Library counted the books and helped teachers select books. Future student nurses at the UA helped pack boxes and load cars, as did member of the Flying Samaritans.

Thanks to everyone involved, 6,000 kids will get new books to keep.

Sidney Thompson

Retired, Tucson

State needs to check scales at scrap recyclers

When someone brings aluminum cans to a recycling center, the weight is always given in even pounds. If one happens to have half or three-quarters of a pound, that is never known to the can seller.

Those local scrap buyers are getting more (weight) and paying less money to those who are indirectly cleaning up Tucson streets and parks!

Does the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures ever check these places locally, unannounced, to even see if their scales are honest? How can we find out if Weights and Measures ever comes to Tucson?

Just wondering!

Ken Unwin

Retired can collector, Tucson

Removal of principal at Catalina misguided

Re: the April 10 article "TUSD board won't renew 23 administrators' contracts."

TUSD is bound and determined to shoot itself in the foot. The leadership, integrity and respect that Rex Scott has earned at Catalina High School is beyond compare.

With students from many different countries and with a history of one principal after another, we finally have a leader the students at Catalina High School have truly been enriched by. TUSD needs to put him on notice for an abstract statistic? We leave TUSD if Rex Scott leaves TUSD.

Chuck Kowalski