Piece on immigration

sounds like GOP hysteria

Re: the July 6 guest opinion “Past time to get serious about sealing the border.”

Richard Humphries’ ramble may be a brilliant assessment of our immigration problem and how it can be simplistically solved.

Or it might be simply an unsubstantiated recitation of the hysteria promulgated by the Republican Party.

Humphries cites heroic deeds of President Dwight Eisenhower as proof that the inflow of immigrants can be easily stopped. He goes on to state, without any substantiation, that “our elected leaders in Washington don’t want it (stopping illegal immigration) done”.

Unfortunately, Humphries does not provide a single reference to factual evidence wherein a reader may find credible support of his assertions. Nor does he discuss what the intervening nine presidents between Eisenhower and Obama have done with immigration.

If he could provide such factual substantiation of his assertions, perhaps he might be taken to be more credible. Until he does, however, he should be viewed not as a provider of insight and wisdom but as just another ill-informed and biased partisan.

Fritz Reichert

Management consultant, Tucson

We need transparency

on Banner Health

Who really is Banner Health? How about more transparency as to the effect of this “takeover” by Banner on the thousands of Tucsonans who are patients of the University of Arizona Health Network?

Will medical facilities based in Tucson now be moved to Phoenix, thus making our city lack the top-flight medical care and a teaching hospital?

Are we in Tucson to share our university medical facilities and staff with Phoenix? Or are we losing these necessary units to Phoenix in a game of winner takes all?

Lets have some information as to what is actually happening concerning this “premier medical institution” we will have to accept.

Helen Orenstein

Retired, Tucson

Republicans ignore

Lady Liberty’s message

Our politicians should review a promise America made to the world many years ago:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Perhaps today’s Republicans feel this should be scraped off the Statue of Liberty.

Barry McCormick

Retired, Tucson

Don’t use only TIA

to record official rainfall

RE: the July 4 article “You knew it’d come, monsooner or later.”

The Star article points to the absurdity of the Tucson International Airport being used as the official location for rain accumulations in Tucson, especially during the monsoon season. Several areas in the metro have already received 1 to 2 inches of rain, but not TIA, just a quarter of an inch.

It is past time that the National Weather Service started using a different recording formula, perhaps taking an average of rain stations in the area already established by the county.

TIA is notorious for receiving the least amount of rain during the monsoon, then at the end of the season, all we hear from local meteorologists and the media is how below normal our rainfall was, inferring this is due to global warming/global climate change. That is disingenuous.

Continuing to use TIA as our sole rain gauge recorder places Tucson in an exaggerated perennial drought situation. Ask yourself, is it accurate to say that Tucson received no rain if an inch fell in midtown, but not at TIA?

Alice Moreno

Homemaker, Tucson

Chicago shows real

humanitarian crisis

ABC News reported Chicago had 82 shooting incidents during the Fourth of July weekend, with 60 people shot and 14 deaths. I submit that this is a “humanitarian crisis” of greater magnitude than that claimed by those seeking to legitimize the entry of illegals from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, yet no one labels it as such.

Consider: Are Chicago residents fleeing the city – fleeing the country? I think not. The “humanitarian” label applied to the current border crisis is hypocrisy designed to deceive. The illegals are trying simply to gain fast and easy entry into the U.S. — no more, no less.

Geoffrey Fox

Retired, Tucson