Press not holding Obama accountable

Re: the Jan. 23 article “Obama targets epidemic of sexual assaults on US campuses.”

I certainly am not trivializing the topic at all. It is just amazing the newspaper chooses to use a quarter of a page for this rather than asking President Obama to get the answers to Benghazi, the IRS targeting so many conservative groups, the National Security Agency and the Fast and Furious program.

The president has not given any answers or held anyone accountable, and the liberal press is fine with this?

Tom Taylor

Hospitality consultant, Oro Valley

Academician didn’t deserve putdown

Re: the Jan. 20 article “UA math prof wins White House award.”

The article by Star reporter Carol Ann Alaimo opened with the following statement: “An associate professor at the University of Arizona has been recognized by the White House as one of the nation’s most promising math geeks.”

What a slap in the face to a worthy academician. I almost didn’t go on to read the rest of the article, I was so taken aback. That would have been a shame. David Savitt’s work in number theory is astonishingly sophisticated and the award for his effort and achievement in his field is a tremendous accolade.

Congratulations to him, and all due praise are appropriate. Not some backhanded put-down. The journalist’s statement was insulting and unprofessional. I am also left wondering: where was her editor?

Linda Wendell

Writer, Tucson

Add ‘tickets’

to city’s economic plan

Re: the Jan. 5 guest column “Five T’s can create jobs and a bright future for Tucson.”

Mayor Rothschild should have added another “T” to his list. Tickets — as in $185 parking tickets. A friend of mine got a nice surprise on her windshield for parking within 10 feet of an alley. Too bad the city can’t purchase a little red paint and install some signage to make people aware that they are parking illegally.

This may be easy money for the city but unfortunately it’s ultimately merchants that suffer.

Bradley Grey

Retired, Tucson

Drug war makes Mexico investment poor choice

Re: the Jan. 20 article “Mexican militia has American roots.”

The recent promotion of expanded trade between Arizona and Mexico by Tucson leaders is irrational at this time considering the Mexican drug war that’s taken on new dimensions.

It’s troubling enough Rocky Point, a vacation spot for Arizonans, featured a helicopter gunship battle and Agua Prieta, bordering Douglas, had seven drug-related homicides between Jan. 16 and 18. Add Mexican militia, self-defense forces, vigilantes (take your pick) to the fracas and you have anarchy.

“Untrained gunmen have taken responsibility for decisions of law and order. Meanwhile federal police and soldiers mostly stand by and watch” was the gist of the article .

Why invest in trade offices, expand border crossings and add personnel before some organization/group gains control in Mexico? Could a cartel leader of some self-proclaimed militia head make a good business partner?

Brian Rolfe

Lt. Col., USMC, Retired, Tucson

Mine endorsement is shortsighted

Re: the Jan. 19 editorial “Time to move ahead, let Rosemont be built.”

I can’t believe that even with the evidence you supplied in your own newspaper, the Star could come out in favor of the Rosemont Mine. It was a shortsighted and wrongheaded endorsement.

The jobs  created would be a drop in a bucket compared to the long-term destruction of the environment we cherish in this area. And in terms of a clean water supply, that might be just what would remain — a drop in a bucket.

Kris McGrath

Retired, Green Valley