Thanks to Star

for exposing problems

Thank you , Star staff, for your in-depth articles about relevant issues here in Tucson. From the Rio Nuevo financial debacle to the Child Protective Services inadequacies and many more, your writers have done the best they could to alert the public to Tucson’s problems.

Although some positive actions were taken in response, I think a large segment of the public here do not even get the paper and are not interested in these issues. From the letters to the editor, I see that most of the writers are retirees, like myself. I think young people are unfortunately not reading newspapers and perhaps are not focused on some of the big problems here.

Even though I often don’t agree with your political views, I admire your commitment to exposing the truth.

Jean Barkley

Retiree, Tucson

Person of the Year reflects need to serve

As we are caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season, Time magazine has selected Pope Francis as its Person of the Year.

His charismatic persona urges us to follow the example of the Prince of Peace as he urges us as individuals and governments to serve the poor and marginalized in our societies.

Jerry Smith

Social worker, Nogales

Get tax credit

for helping children

Individual Arizona taxpayers can reallocate money from the state’s general fund and give it to children in foster care through the Foster Care Charitable Organization Tax Credit. This credit costs individual taxpayers zero and funnels money to our state’s most vulnerable children.

Make a donation to a qualified foster care charity and you receive a dollar for dollar credit on your Arizona income tax — up to $400 for individuals and $800 for couples. (Check for details.)

With all the complex issues surrounding our state’s ability to take care of abandoned, neglected and abused children, taxpayers  can vote with the Legislature’s pocketbook by directing some of their tax dollars to help those in foster care receive the care and attention they deserve.

Taking advantage of this credit may force the Legislature to repeal it and address the real issues with foster care in the state.

Act by Dec. 31 and send a strong message to our Legislature. For more information, go to

Jay Berens

Court-appointed special advocate volunteer, Scottsdale