Enjoy Upper Sabino and heed fire warnings

Re: June 8 article “Upper Sabino Canyon: A cool, forested escape.”

The article on Upper Sabino Canyon extolled its virtues of trees and wildlife and encouraged visitation. What the article did not do was to caution visitors about smoking, campfires and other careless use of combustibles.

The Aspen Fire of 2003 decimated much of the Catalina mountains caused by human carelessness. You would think that all the fire danger warnings would have an affect on some peoples’ behavior but it doesn’t.

I have noticed cigarette butts in the streets of Summerhaven and along trails. What is it that these unthinking, careless people don’t get about fire danger?

By all means come to Summerhaven, enjoy the cool weather and the hikes, but be careful, don’t smoke, start campfires and be otherwise fire foolish. Save the beauty of Upper Sabino for your kids and grandchildren.

Dennis Winsten

Retired, Summerhaven

Fathers — cherish, love, never give up on kids

I want to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day, especially those who have lost a child. Nothing is as devastating as the loss of a child.

I know because 32 years ago my 4-month-old son died from a heart defect in my arms while I was rocking him. We were fortunate to have more children, and after my wife passed away 13 years ago I raised my 4 children by myself.

There were many challenges and I had no one to ask for advice so I made many mistakes. Some of my kids got mixed up with drugs while struggling with how to cope without a mother. I could have done much better at guiding their decision-making process, but no matter what, I never gave up on them and always made sure they knew I loved them and I was there for them.

I hope all fathers cherish and love their kids as much as I love and cherish mine. Just don’t give up on them.

Lee Ryan

Civil engineer, Tucson

Hold Sabino students accountable for quotes

What is happening to public education? The students who submitted inappropriate quotes in Sabino High School yearbook should face consequences for their actions. The principal at Sabino High School is not preparing these young adults for the real world. Kids need boundaries not excuses for their behavior.

No legitimate publication would hire journalists who the editor had to screen for libelous (written) statements. Kids will pull pranks is rubbish. Parents and educators need to instill ethical behavior in children by having them take responsibility for their actions.

Rosemarie Prater

Retired career and technical educator, Tucson

Shift property

to tax-paying entities

Chuck Huckelberry and the Board of Supervisors seem intent to own all of Pima County. They are constantly buying or accepting properties throughout the county that removes these properties from the tax rolls.

How is that lost tax revenue replaced? Just raise the tax on the remaining very complacent owners. We need a full and detailed audit of all government-owned properties revealing addresses, acquisition date, tax at the time of acquisition and use.

We also need a published list of all non-tax paying properties, not only in Pima County but throughout the state. Sell something and get property back on the tax rolls where they belong. We need property tax relief now.

I am sure there are unused or little-used buildings and small parcels that can be sold to a tax- paying entity — not given/transferred to another non-tax paying entity.

Frank Wilcek

Retired, Tucson

Candidates, which other rules don’t apply to you?

Re: the June 11 guest opinion “Signs show who’s willing to break rules.”

Cheryl Cage’s article chastised candidates who ignore the campaign regulations by posting their signs before the allowed 60-day period, which this year is June 27.

Candidates Adam Kwasman and Gary Kiehne (names taken from their signs) both already have signs up on SaddleBrooke Boulevard leading into the community.

I have two questions for them (and any other candidate whose signs go up before June 27):

1. Do you not think the rules/regulations apply to you?

2. What other rules/regulations/laws do you think don’t apply to you?

Better for us all to know it now. rather than later.

David Johnson

Retired, Tucson