McCain ignoring Arizona for TV

Six months into 2014, I have lost count of the number of appearances Sen. John McCain has made on a variety of television channels.

Are his appearances in Arizona on behalf of its citizens equal in number?

If so, he must have been fully aware of the Veterans Administration mess in Phoenix, as well as the increasing number of migrant children held in Arizona’s law enforcement facilities for illegally crossing the border.

If not, it is because the senator spends his time burnishing his so-called credentials as a foreign policy expert in Washington, D.C.

Since so many Americans consider his advice off-base, please, citizens of Arizona, send McCain home in the next senate election so that he can spend his retirement years helping his wife sell beer at home.

Holly Hilden

Retired, Green Valley

Population is big factor in water scarcity

Re: June 15 article “Tucson is warned of water shortage.”

The basic issue underlying the water scarcity (along with many other problems facing society) is that an ever-expanding number of people are competing for limited resources.

The states of the Colorado River Basin are among the fastest growing in the United States. Arizona’s population grows by nearly 80,000 each year.

Reductions in per capita consumption, although worthwhile and necessary, will be quickly negated as the number of consumers rises.

When solutions are discussed, population stabilization is never mentioned, and growing numbers are considered inevitable. This may be due to cultural and religious factors along with powerful forces within our current economic system that depend on continued expansion for success.

It’s time that population issues are brought front and center.

Keith Kaback

Executive Director of Population Media Center, Arizona Chapter, Tucson

Bring in water from Sea of Cortez

Desalinate Sea of Cortez water with Arizona’s abundant solar energy. Then send it from there to Tucson between the mountains, on pipes in which the water would be pumped over the high points by other pumps using solar energy.

A portion of the water could be sent on to Phoenix. Something could be worked out to get some of it to other Southern Arizona communities.

This is not a new idea. Several years ago the University of Wisconsin at Madison did the same thing to provide Qatar with water from the Persian Gulf.

Also, passing over the CAP channel northwest of Phoenix, I noticed that it was not covered. So the evaporation rate must be high.

The ancient Persians faced the same problem in their own desert region. They ran the channel underground.

Archibald Haller

Professor emeritus, Tucson

Consolation for Iraq veterans

To those of you who served, fought and sacrificed so much, physically and emotionally, in Iraq, and now see all your gallant and heroic efforts swirling down the toilet, I have one thing to say: Welcome to the club.

Michael Carreras

Retired, Vietnam 1966-67, Tucson

Yearbook comments not worth censoring

I read about the Sabino High School yearbook being censored subsequent to some students adding some unauthorized comments.

So, I went online and of course all the comments were there. A couple of them actually made me chuckle. None of them offended me.

My two kids went to Sabino and I have met Principal Matt Munger. He runs his ship quite tightly and maybe a little ‘uptightly.’

I can see why the supervising teacher took no note of these comments because they were in no way egregious enough to warrant a second look.

Congratulations Sabercats and have a great summer.

Christopher Pinhey

Psychologist, Tucson

Focus on soccer fields we already have

Re: the June 14. article “Huckelberry: Use $1.75 million budgeted for road repairs to help pay for soccer fields.”

Once again our county leaders have shown their incompetence in administering county affairs when it come to these types of matters.

Here’s another idea, how about fixing or even try maintaining the fields you already have, and why not make what is available more user friendly.

As a sports official, I can’t tell you how often I hear about how unaffordable the county has made it; local teams that host tournaments have to increase entrance fees to offset the cost they have to pay to the county to use fields that aren’t even watered.

Our great city has fine representation already when it comes to youth sports, so how about throwing them a bone.

If you do, yes they will come!!

Larry Heath

Engineer, Tucson

Obama to blame in migrant crisis

Re: the June 13 letter “Such cruelty toward children.”

The author, in her diatribe toward our Border Patrol agents, has conveniently forgotten that the president’s open border and amnesty policies have encouraged these children and their families to gain access to America without bothering to adhere to our immigration laws and procedures.

Our agents along the border have only so many resources to house these illegal immigrants and to put the blame for poor conditions on these agents is asinine.

The blame for this invasion lies squarely on the president’s shoulders, but I don’t expect to hear him take responsibility for this mess any more than he has admitted his involvement in his administration’s numerous other scandals.

Lindsey Smith

Retired, Tucson