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Brave firemen ... can you see them now?

Ah, what a queer twist

Of fate befell those

Brave firemen

Nineteen all bedecked as they were

Can you see them now?

Those large firemen hats

The thick rubber

Jacket - pants - boots

Protected they were -

I wonder now -

Could it have been pre-ordained?

Forevermore -

Those who will follow in their footsteps

Will then, inspired, save so many.

Ah, can you see them now?

All 19 of them

Arm in arm

Marching heavenward

Proud must be their loved ones.

John R. Brady


Hotshot who survived is heroic, too

Re: the July 2 article "A loss for 'Prescott, Arizona, the nation.' "

God bless the hotshot who survived. He is no less a hero than those who perished. His loss is great, his bravery and dedication proven. Must he die to receive the gratitude he deserves?

Fran Blaesing

Retired, Tucson

Celebrate immigrants and precious liberties

As we celebrated this Fourth of July, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

And while you were at it, tell me about Speaker John Boehner's family immigration heritage. How did he get here? Liberty is too precious to be buried by Congress.

Jerry Wilkerson


TUSD's priorities are out of whack

Re: the June 26 article "$300K ad drive OK'd for TUSD."

TUSD admitted my son to its Gifted and Talented Education program that provides an accelerated curriculum to students in the program. However, he and 29 other kids are on a waiting list because the GATE classrooms have already been filled. TUSD told me there is no money in the budget for another teacher. So there are 30 kids who TUSD tested and admitted into this program but who they cannot accommodate.

I was dismayed to read that the district has found the means to spend $300,000 on revamping its image.

Each school year, my three kids bring home requests from their teachers for donations for pencils, paper, tissues and other school supplies. Now I'll be lucky to even get my child into the class where he belongs. 

How a district can justify spending on a PR campaign when kids who need services are being denied them is beyond me.

Cheryl Inzunza Blum

Blum Law Firm, Tucson

Nonpartisan elections simply don't exist

Re: the June 23 guest column "To join the big leagues, Tucson must take advantage of its opportunities."

Si Schorr puts forth the idea that Tucson would somehow be better off economically if it had so-called "nonpartisan" elections. Alas, Schorr will sooner sight a unicorn than see a truly nonpartisan election anywhere, anytime.

In any election, the candidates have the implicit, if not explicit, backing of one of the two major political parties. Each candidate for office (and their supporters) has a set of principles that governs their actions, and these principles generally fall under the umbrella of one of the two major political parties.

The idea of nonpartisan elections was born in the early 1900s, when supposedly disinterested technocrats would pull the levers of power for the benefit of all concerned. It was a bad idea then and it's a bad idea now. We are better off embracing the reality that people have beliefs and will act on them.

Tucson, with its partisan elections, is ahead of the curve.

Lee Fairman

Retired, Green Valley

Kudos to Hansen for Highlands column

Re: the June 25 column "Ailing golf courses can learn from Highlands."

Greg Hansen perfectly captured the condition of our wonderful golf course here at the Highlands at Dove Mountain. The residents are justifiably proud of the team that has "blocked and tackled" to make it into one of the - until today - hidden jewels of golf in the Tucson area.

Director of golf Brad Engel, course superintendent Mike Treanor and community manager Jeff Ziegler are the ones whose dedication, hard work and planning have made it one of the best, if not the best, in the area.

Kudos to Greg for recognizing the Highlands and to our team of professionals who have made it outstanding.

Jan Johns

Retired, Marana

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