Still waiting

for op-ed balance

I love the refreshing change of the new “balanced reporting” philosophy. A recent op-ed page dragged the Koch brothers through the mud. I have since been waiting for the “balanced” viewpoint to drag Michael Bloomberg or George Soros through the mud. When can I expect to see that?

Dick Green

Consultant, Tucson

Why not spread the load in immigrant surge?

In the June 3 article “Brewer letter to Obama: Don’t release immigrants at Arizona bus stations,” we are told, “While federal officials did not know last week if the flights transporting illegal immigrants would resume, they said the agencies involved would use all available resources if the surge through Texas continued.”

All available resources? That must mean that they’ll start dumping people on Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Why should Tucson hog all the blessings?

Stephen Deatrick

Retired programmer, Sierra Vista

Will’s mention

of Nixon wasn’t apt

Re: the June 5 column “Nixonian notion of executive impunity still lives.”

The Constitution clearly gives the president the absolute power to release federal prisoners without permission from or notice to anyone. The prison at Guantanamo is itself unconstitutional because it holds persons deprived of their liberty by officers of the United States without due process of law.

Neither U.S. statues nor international treaties allow the incarceration of terrorism suspects in U.S. custody anywhere in the world without arraignment or trial.

Unlike George Will, or most Republican opponents of the president’s actions, this president is a constitutional law expert, having taught this subject to other lawyers in law school. He subscribes to neither the Nixonian view that the president is above the law nor to the Bush doctrine of the unary executive.

Any resemblance between those administrations and this Bergdahl case are coincidental. We should remember that it was a Republican Congress that impeached Andrew Johnson for violating a law subsequently found unconstitutional.

David P. Vernon

Management consultant, Tucson

Bicyclists should have to buy licenses, too

I have been wanting to say something about bicyclists. With all the changes being made to accommodate bike riders, why are we the taxpayers paying for everything by having to buy vehicle license plates?

For years I have thought that bike owners — wanting all the privileges — should have to buy bike licenses to help pay for the bike lanes, trails, etc. that they get for free right now.

Plus, we are supposed to allow them five feet? Excuse me; way too many times, giving a bicycle five feet of space puts a vehicle in the oncoming lane. That’s really safe!

Come on, Gov. Brewer and whoever else must deal with this issue — get real and make these people who are trying to save money pay their own way.

Betty Perkins

Retired caregiver/customer service, Tucson