Hansen’s tribute

to sister made reader cry

Re: the June 3 column “Here’s to my brave sister, a true fan.”

In all the years I have been reading Greg Hansen’s column, I can honestly say he has never made me cry until today. He has made me angry. I have accused him of being a fair-weather friend. I have cheered his support of local athletes.

In writing about his sister’s death, and also her life, however, Hansen showed a very different side of himself. He touched us all in a way his sports commentary never could. I think I need to go call my brother.

Laura Steele

Retired, Tucson

Area must plan ahead for reductions at D-M

Re: the June 3 guest columns “We must fight to preserve essential role of D-M, A-10.”

Doug Doucey rightly praises Arizona’s contributions to our country’s military readiness. Ray Carroll and Ramón Valadez, though not themselves military experts, serve our community well by summarizing the advantages of the A-10 aircraft.

These public servants would not hesitate, however, to stress the need for restraint and care in the use of tax dollars. It cannot be true that fiscal responsibility should only be practiced by others. The military has been saying for years that the A-10 is obsolete and needs to be mothballed. Eventually, it will be.

We appear to have gotten a year’s reprieve on such a decision. As a community, city, state and county, we must be planning ahead for a time when D-M’s contribution to our area is diminished. Let’s not wait another minute, let alone another decade, to put in place a set of policies and business incentives that can grow our community with or without D-M.

Sheldon Fishman

Financial planner, Tucson

Thanks to a good guy for help changing tire

I would like to give a shout-out to a nice young fellow named Mauro, who helped me change a tire on Golf Links Road at 1 p.m. on a recent Tuesday. He did all the work, and would not take any money nor give me his last name.

It was scary until a policeman came up and set his lights on behind us. Mauro, perhaps in his mid-20s, said that he likes to help people. I say again, thank you to a good guy.

By the way, why are there no pullouts on Golf Links? It had to be done in the curb lane, which made everyone nervous.

Peter Meis

Retired, Tucson

Manager left city coffers in the red

Rre: May 24 article “Tucson manager Miranda to retire.”

While Miranda is enjoying his retirement, the city coffers are $30-plus million in the red, much of it due to the pension programs. After all, who wouldn’t want to retire with 80 percent of their pay after 25 years of service? Hecarefully sidestepped the question of how to solve the issue.

The plain fact is, if something isn’t done, the program will eventually bankrupt the city. The federal civil service corrected this very same problem 25 years ago. It’s now time for the city to do so.

Miranda said the new trolley was one of his best accomplishments. That remains to be proved. It will continually operate millions in the red for as many years as we can count. Its actual worth is ambiguous.

So, while Miranda is enjoying his generous retirement, looking for “Dickie,” he’s left his successor the problem on how to fund his search.

James Kelly

Retired/writer, Tucson