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November 17, 2013 12:00 am

Send University High kids to home schools

RE: The Nov. 13 column, “TUSD should build on University High’s success.”

That is exactly what my plan would accomplish. TUSD should send all of those wonderfully talented and intelligent students back to their home schools so they could help raise test scores and they could also help the other students’ performance through role modeling and mentoring.

If the children from out of district wanted to stay in TUSD, they could simply open-enroll in any school they choose. Perhaps even a lower performing one where they could really help the test scores. After all, isn’t education these days really all about test scores?

Brian Edwards

Retired, Tucson

ACA doesn’t nationalize our health-care system

Re: the Nov. 14 letter to the editor “Fast forward to impeachment.”

The letter written by the retired Air Force colonel claims the ACA “was purposeful nationalization of one-sixth of the US economy.”

The colonel did participate in a nationalized health-care system and now receives his health care from a single-payer system (either Tricare for Life or Medicare) so he should be familiar with those government-run systems.

The ACA does not “nationalize”U.S. health care. It does not have the government take ownership of the multinational pharmaceutical companies, our local hospitals or my private medical practice nor does it eliminate the private health-care insurance industry.

What the ACA does attempt to do is use the current hodgepodge and highly inefficient private health-care insurance industry to extend health care to the 44 million citizens without coverage.

The retired colonel is entitled to his opinion about the outcome of the next election, but his statement that the ACA results in nationalization of the U.S. health-care system is false.

Michael Hamant

Physician, Tucson

Be open to debate, varying opinions

When did it change? When was the right to hold an opinion taken away? When did it become mandatory for everyone to have the same opinion? So many of the letters to the editor have forgotten this simple concept and just as they are expressing their opinion, others have the same right to express an opinion.

Every opinion is based on a personal ideology and it is different for each person, some left and some right, but that does not make them wrong. Having a different ideology is not a crime, it is a right. While I may not agree with you, I will defend your right to your opinion.

So many letters demonize the tea party members, but this simply proves the point. It is easy to forget that one man can’t have his way unless others stand with him. The time has come to be open to debate instead of blame. Do you understand their opinion or are you simply reacting because it is different than yours?

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson

We must pay more for debt, education

I am saddened that so many of my fellow Americans seem to feel entitled to live in this great nation while paying only a pittance to maintain its greatness.

Veterans Day reminded me of all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep the country strong. It seems to me that asking the rest of us to pay the cost of maintaining what they have bought for us is little to ask.

What is needed, in my opinion, is an across-the-board tax increase to be gradually increased until we have paid off the crushing debt our profligacy over the past few decades has created.

At the same time, we must repair and expand our neglected infrastructure and spend what is necessary for education to keep our nation viable.

Once that is done, a gradual decrease in the tax rate would be warranted.

F.A. Newsom

USAF retired, Tucson

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