McCain's priority: votes, not people

I heard John McCain's response to the immigration plans in the works and have to wonder whether he is actually concerned with the immigrants or about winning the votes of Hispanics.

To paraphrase, all he said was we, meaning the Republicans, lost the election because we did not get the votes of minorities.

Good work once again, McCain. Votes over people seems to be his No. 1 priority.

Ann Marie Akers

Retired medical billing specialist, Tucson

ESPN2 insulted local soccer supporters

During the ESPN2 broadcast of the Tuesday night U.S. and Canada men's national soccer teams' friendly in Houston, one of the announcers made the gratuitous remark that the attendance at Canada's previous match (played here in Tucson) against Denmark had been watched by "Two guys and a dog."

The attendance in Tucson was over 3,000 while the attendance in Houston was less than 12,000. Given the relative differences in size of the two cities, ESPN2 should be praising rather than disparaging Tucson's support of soccer.

Wonder if the ESPN2 announcers want to comment on the "one guy and dog" who watched the game in Houston? Thanks to FC Tucson for promoting the Desert Friendlies and Diamond Cup!

Jim Alrutz

Retired, Tucson

Sportsmen helping preserve AZ bighorns

Re: the Jan. 19 article "Tucson boy, 10, bags bighorn; he's youngest in recent history."

I am one of many who is tired of reading about what a "terrible thing" this young boy did by harvesting a desert bighorn ram.

If it were not for the support of conservation-minded sportsmen (aka hunters) like this young man and his family, there would be few if any of these magnificent animals left in our Arizona mountains. Since 1984, hunting conservation organizations such as the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society and the Wild Sheep Foundation have provided over $7 million and thousands of hours of volunteer labor to enhance, improve and restore desert bighorn sheep populations across the state.

Just once I would like the facts and not emotions be brought forth for all to examine.

Jim Travis

Sales engineer, Tucson

McCain's dexterous at bandwagon jumping

Re: the Jan. 30 Tim Steller column "McCain opportunistic on immigration."

The ability of Sen. John McCain to chase down and transition (or jump) from one opposing "bandwagon" issue to the other, while still in motion, is truly a reflection of his mental dexterity and versatile political acuity, common to the stereotypical politician.

McCain has perfected his mid-stream shift to an art that has become a frustration to the American public of both political parties ... and the fodder for rather comically conflicting sound bites.

Richard Wakefield

Retired, Tucson

McKale needs to fix view of statistics board

I'd like to think that the University of Arizona wants its basketball fans in McKale to enjoy the game as educated observers. To that end, a view of both sides of the statistics board would be preferable to just one, but the video screen obstructs the view from at least a third of the the fans attending any one game.

I know the university wants to maximize the advertising it sells, but wouldn't it be nice if it put the complete stats on the partition in front of the score keepers at least one time during each game?

I take note of the companies that advertise there and make a mental note not to buy a car or use their banks, et cetera, just because I find the current use of that space so annoying. I can't be the only one, can I?

Robin Martin

Teacher, Tucson