Javelinas were denied chance to survive

Re: the Sept. 5 article “7 aggressive javelinas killed on east side.”

I can’t believe they went through with it! They said they couldn’t relocate the javelinas because they were used to domestic garbage and couldn’t fend for themselves in the wild.

Let me tell you, before I got divorced, I was used to steak and lobster dinners. I now eat hot dogs and mac and cheese, and I believe I’m doing just fine. Thank God no one thought I should be shot because they thought I couldn’t make it.

Susan Vaillancourt

Receptionist, Tucson

US isn’t the world’s policeman any more

My thoughts to Sen. John McCain: “There ain’t no good guys. There ain’t no bad guys. There’s only you and me, and we just disagree.”

The days of the U.S. being the world democracy police have ended. And in Syria, there really aren’t good guys and bad guys — at least as definable groups. The American people have no appetite for more, and it’s a no-win solution.

The rest of the world is going to have to fix its own problems. Too bad, really, but it’s reality.

Bruce Anderson


Brewer doesn’t know pain unless it’s her own

Re: the Sept. 5 article “Brewer asks Obama to reconsider denial of Yarnell-fire disaster aid.”

The gall of Gov. Jan Brewer beseeching President Obama for disaster aid for the Yarnell fire. Of the 109 homes destroyed, only nine had no insurance and 17 were underinsured. According to Brewer this is not the residents’ problem, not Yarnell’s problem and not even Arizona’s problem, but one for the feds.

Where is personal responsibility? Most of the burned homes hadn’t been brushed adequately so now it’s a national problem?

Prescott got brave, qualified firefighters on the cheap, no benefits to most, and grieved at their loss but finds no legal way to help the families financially.

Is this the new normal? Use an employee’s skill and even life as part-timers to save money and then walk away from them when things go wrong.

Our governor and Paul Gosar (who voted against helping hurricane Sandy victims) are hypocrites who don’t know pain until it is theirs.

Ted Morrison

Self-employed, Tucson

Looks like that clown was right on Obamacare

Re: the Aug. 28 letter to the editor “Politics reared its head at Tucson rodeo, too.”

One of your readers recently stated that he would never attend another Tucson rodeo because three years ago a clown pretended to step in doo-doo and called it Obamacare.

I never give much credence to what a clown does or says, but after three years, it now appears that the clown was right.

Kelly Young


Child taped to chair also needed support

Re: the Aug. 29 article “Teacher in taping incident resigns.”

A lot of attention was given to a girl being taped to her chair. Nothing was said about what else has been done to help the child. It seems that she needs an evaluation of her behavior problems. The family has consulted a lawyer. I hope they will put the needs of the child at the forefront.

Joan Bergman