Close downtown to vehicular traffic

I was in downtown recently near Fifth Avenue and Congress Street. As I looked out at the streets, I tried to imagine how the mix of pedestrians, vehicular traffic, bicycles and the streetcar would play out.

I saw many cars parked along the side on or over the white lines. The truth is you cannot park an SUV in these spaces. No way, no how. We have already seen how the lack of parking played out with the closure of many businesses.

The only way to make this work is to close downtown to vehicular traffic. Honestly, who is going to pay for parking downtown to ride the streetcar to University of Arizona?

Wayno Guerrini


Limit amnesiac Will to once a week

Re: the May 29 column “Obama ignores economic lessons from harder times.”

While George Will is lamenting President Obama’s amnesia, perhaps he should examine his own. While he romanticizes Ronald Reagan’s days of “lightening the weight of government as measured by taxation and regulation,” he conveniently forgets that these same policies under George W. Bush led us to the brink of Depression. He also neglects to mention that blackmailing Obama into extending the Bush tax cuts has done little to create jobs, thus negating the core of Republican economic theory.

In the interest of the Star’s new initiative toward balance, maybe it’s time to limit Will to one column per week, like you do with everyone else.

Craig Wunderlich

Social worker, Tucson

Star should support limits on gun sales

On May 27 I opened the Star and the first thing I saw was an advertising flyer presenting an array of pistols and semiautomatic weapons for sale by the Diamondback Police Supply Co. Inc. I do not recall seeing any ad for this type of merchandise this prominently displayed.

I am disturbed that the Arizona Daily Star would accept advertising of this kind. Haven’t we had enough stories of gun violence? I know, I know, just because there are ads in a newspaper advertising guns doesn’t necessarily mean that a rash of gun violence will ensue. But surely there are enough guns around the country to satisfy the wants of the population.

So how about the Arizona Daily Star getting on board with a growing number of us opposing the sale and ownership of guns?

Ed Waters

Korean War veteran,

Sierra Vista

Mass destruction goes beyond guns

Re: the May 29 column “Routine carnage wears away at our humanity.”

Leonard Pitts again rails against guns as weapons of mass destruction and avoids noting the first Isla Vista murders were stabbings, while other injuries were intentionally caused by automobile. He mentions Chicago shootings without noting the city has the among the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

During the Rwandan genocide more than 800,000 Tutsis were murdered by Hutus, mostly using machetes and clubs, bullets were too expensive. The Holocaust murdered more than 6 million Jews, most by gas not bullets. Jim Jones killed 910 people, 303 of them children, by cyanide poisoning. Islamic Jihadists killed 2,996 people on 9/11 without a single gunshot.

Virtually all mass murders in Oceania and the Maritime Southeast Asia are committed with knives, clubs or swords. The recent Boston Marathon murders were committed with homemade explosives.

Without guns, other weapons are easily accessible. When Pitts and others look for causes and cures, they best look beyond tools and toward understanding the murderers’ hearts and minds.

Scott Gordon

Physicist, Tucson