Visit US courthouse to witness Streamline

Re: the July 12 guest column "We need sensible immigration reform; Operation Streamline must end."

Please do attend a Streamline session for yourself. It makes a mockery of our justice system. Immigrants are handcuffed and their feet are chained. They are not even allowed to shower.

The DeConcini U.S. Courthouse address is 405 W. Congress St. Enter at the main entrance and take the elevator to the second floor. Tell the guard at the second-floor courtroom you are there to attend Streamline. At about 1:30 p.m., you will be allowed to enter. As an interested citizen, please do attend and see for yourself. It only takes a little over an hour.

Rosemary Hallinan


Kozachik's caution on F-35 is realistic

The Tucson Board of Realtors has withdrawn its support of Steve Kozachik because of the councilman's concerns regarding the F-35. Serious concerns abound regarding the feasibility, affordability and reliability of the unproven F-35.

Would the acquisition of basing and flying this unproven aircraft over our city increase sales and real estate values in Tucson? Possibly, but the potential devastation of property values, quality of life and safety issues in the long run far outnumber any benefits the city might accrue.

I applaud Kozachik's caution and concerns. He is an active, involved and intelligent voice on the council. The F-35 has been an expensive disaster and should not be tested over our city. We should not be a proving ground for untested (and so far, unreliable) aircraft with such devastation potential.

Davis-Monthan has an honorable history with responsible and necessary missions. Let's not mess it up!

Susan Pitt

Retired, Tucson

Farm subsidies stand on their merits in House

Re: the July 12 article "House approves scaled-down farm bill."

Instead of criticism, the House should be receiving praise for separating food stamp costs from the inaccurately named "farm bill." Historically, too much legislation and resultant spending is disguised or attached to programs that are unrelated.

Some politicians seem to prefer that much of what they do remains out of the limelight. Eighty percent of the farm bill's cost was for food stamp programs. In the House, farm subsidies now stand on their own merits, as should food stamp programs and lots of other legislation.

House Democrats who voted against separating the bills must be afraid that the fact that food stamp costs have doubled under Obama's watch will become more well-known.

Matthew J. Scully

Engineer, Sahuarita

'Liberal' Star buries budget surplus story

Re: the July 12 article "US monthly surplus is biggest since '08."

Ever since President Obama was first elected, Republicans have been screaming about how the deficit (that they created) was going to be the death of our country. Telling us how we need to eliminate food stamps, welfare, unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare, the minimum wage and anything else that might assist anyone other than their rich campaign donors.

All of this has been dutifully reported in the "left-leaning" Daily Star. The same paper that prints op-eds by right-wing think-tank shills blaming Obama for whatever manufactured scandal they are drumming up that day. The same "left-leaning" rag that prints letters to the editor blaming Obama for whatever.

So one would think that news that this awful deficit has been reduced to the lowest level in five years is front-page news. Nope! The left-wing Star buries it in a few square inches on Page A16.

Darn the "liberal" media.

Buddy P. Gill


Hearing-loss group offers lots of resources

Re: the July 13 letter to the editor "A little effort helps those with hearing loss."

The letter writer is absolutely right about the accommodation we with hearing loss need to communicate effectively. But this just touches the basics of communication.

There is a great resource available locally for further information. The Adult Loss of Hearing Association, a nonprofit organization founded in Tucson 29 years ago, has 300 members and chapters in Green Valley, Oro Valley and Sierra Vista, and a fourth chapter soon to open in east Tucson.  

We have our own building at 4001 E. Fort Lowell Road where we have a demo room to try assistive listening devices, amplified and captioned telephones, accessible media equipment and a meeting room equipped with Hearing Loop.

We do not sell anything, but have free peer support groups for hearing loss, tinnitus and cochlear implants. We're open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, or go to for more information.

S. George Ghorpade

Adult Loss of Hearing Association, Tucson

Let's identify a bait to sterilize pack rats

Re: the July 15 article "Poisoning pack rats hurts predators, too."

I agree completely with not poisoning pack rats lest you inadvertently poison the pack rat predators. Let me suggest the University of Arizona embark on a study of developing a pack rat bait that would render the critters sterile. If this were successful, they would find a profitable market for this sort of control.

Jack B. Martin Jr.

Retired, Tucson