Tilted Kilt pub alienates women

Are you kidding me Tilted Kilt? What year is this? “Beautiful servers in sexy plaid kilts and matching bras?” I was reading this with my 17-year-old granddaughter nearby, and we both looked at each other. “Are you making that up? Does it really say that?” she asked.

Congratulations, Tilted Kilt! You’ve managed to alienate half the population and disgust my granddaughter. And, you’re not even open yet! That’s one restaurant we won’t be visiting.

Linda Tarantal

RN, Tucson

Republicans need to grow up

I would like to commend Buddy Gill on his letter “If Obama cured cancer GOP would complain.” It is amazing that a political party can be so petty. The GOP are like little children who do not get their way. I would hope that they will grow up before it is too late. It must be very frustrating for Obama to have to run into that brick wall day after day. Hopefully, Gill’s letter will wake up those who seem to be in the dark.

Fran Martinez

Retired, Sahuarita

Impatient drivers menace to our safety

After tangling with traffic cameras a time or two, I am a chastened driver, cautious and wary of speed limits and traffic signals. I’ve become keenly aware of other miscreants on the road. For instance, both major intersections in my neighborhood boast two left-turn lanes, two forward lanes and one right turn lane. As the light turns red, traffic comes to a stop, but cars edge into the pedestrian crossing eager to be the first to burst into the intersection as the green light appears, effectively making it impossible for pedestrians to cross, ambulances or fire trucks to get to their destination, and endangering bicyclists and themselves. These impatient drivers are a menace to public safety. Cameras are disengaged now; I wonder who’s watching?

Emily Hilliard

Retired, Tucson

Kids mariachi music of high caliber

I have attended Davis Bilingual Magnet School activities for 11 years. I have been amazed at the musicality of the mariachi group there.

The Aguilitas are so easy to listen to. Everyone sings, everyone plays. Considering that the oldest children are in the fifth grade, the level of performance is astonishing and pleasing to the listener.

In addition to musical skills, the confidence the children show as they perform is a trait that will help them throughout their lives. I have never seen another children’s music group of this caliber.

This program’s success is due to Alfredo Valenzuela who started the program, and Jaime Valenzuela who is capably following in his father’s footsteps. The Tucson community is lucky to have this resource.

Marilyn Murray

Retired teacher, Tucson

Kino soccer cash better spent on business

I have to comment on the proposed $8.73 million for the soccer fields. I am a huge sports fan, mainly baseball that is gone forever. I don’t care much for soccer, but that is not the point.

The county needs to spend any money it has on roads and improvements to increase jobs coming to the area. Soccer will bring some revenue, but not what new business would.

For most of the last 14 years there has been talk of Kino being in the wrong part of town and no one wanting to go there. Now we are buying more land. Seems like the only ones getting a good deal here are the land sellers.

Susan Stockton

Retired, Tucson

More prison time in Asarco copper theft

Re: the May 29 article “Ringleader gets 2½ years in multimillion-dollar copper-theft plot.”

I can’t believe a person who organized a theft of $80 million dollars in copper from Asarco copper mine only gets 2 1/2 years in prison, when a bank robber may get 10-15 years for a lesser amount of money. Why? What do the stock holders think of this? This is probably the biggest theft in Arizona history!

Edward Madson

Residential real estate appraiser, Tucson