Drive through Morenci shows mining’s impact

My wife and I drove from Alpine down the Devil’s Highway through the copper town of Morenci. If anyone has any doubts about whether the Rosemont copper mine should be allowed to operate, drive through Morenci and see the copper mine.

We were leaning toward approval of the Rosemont mine until we saw the utter devastation in Morenci. What a monumental scar on the earth.

John Tomy


Fix Washington: Take money out of politics

There is consensus that Washington is broken. How do we get out of this rut? Follow the money.

Legislators come to Washington ready to do great things only to be told they need to spend 40 percent of their time raising money for the next campaign. There are people who have money to help, but at what price?

Legislators find that at the end of the day, money controls their political choices. With the McCutcheon Supreme Court ruling, money will totally control politics.

Therefore we need to clean up Washington and the state capitols by getting the money out of politics. Here’s how:

1) Publicly fund all federal and state elections, and

2) Stop all contributions to PACS, candidates and parties.

In recent polls, Democrat or Republican, 80 percent consistently agree that we need to get the money out of politics. I say, let’s publicly fund all elections and bring political power back to the voters. For more information go to

Bob Lynne

Retired retail professional, Prescott

Don’t waste newsprint

on pompous pundit

Re: the April 24 column “Kids, meet Mr. Obama, the adolescent president.”

George Will has the audacity to criticize President Obama for using language that might be understood by the average person.

Will, perhaps the most pompous pundit in print, writes with smug arrogance and unfailing elitism. He is the ultimate language snob, so much so that reading his turgid prose is often a chore, the results of which are generally underwhelming.

Why the Star wastes 30 inches of print several times a week on this snooty fuddy-duddy’s blather stumps me. There are many conservative columnists who are more interesting than Will, Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg — why not give some of them a try?

Cal Thomas and Mona Charen come to mind as reasonable voices for conservative points of view.

William Gandy

Educator, Tucson

Governor: Thank you for standing for wolves

Gov. Jan Brewer made a bold and courageous decision when she vetoed legislation that targeted critically endangered Mexican gray wolves.

This legislation was actually in violation of federal law but Gov. Brewer could have decided to go with what the Legislature had decided. Instead, she went with what was the right thing to do.

Mexican gray wolves have Endangered Species Act protections for a reason. They are the most endangered mammal in the country. They are not varmints. They are a species native to Arizona and they should be allowed to roam freely throughout the state.

Thank you, Gov. Brewer, for making a stand for Mexican gray wolves.

Candy Copeland

Bellflower, Calif.

Star’s lack of Earth Day coverage little surprise

How much does the Star care about Earth Day? Not a lot, apparently. The April 22 print edition features exactly one mention of it — in a caption in the Business section.

Of course, the Star did endorse the Rosemont mine, so I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Tamarack Little

Solar industry, Tucson

Thank you for helping woman who fell

Thank you to the caring people who helped my mom when she tripped and fell near the Fox Theatre on Saturday evening.

They were so kind in offering water, ice and attention to be sure she was OK. We appreciate the assistance of these helpful strangers.

Thank you, Tucson neighbors!

Denice Lohr


Not everyone shares religious beliefs

Re: the April 21 letter to the editor “Concern over feral kittens overblown.”

I am upset by the suffering of feral cats, but I am not upset by abortions. I would tell you why, but I think you must know that redefining an “embryo” as a “human baby” is a religious belief, not shared by everyone.

Mary Schopper

Retired, Tucson