Every month is 'white history month'

Re: the Feb. 19 letter to the editor "Unneeded celebration."

Perhaps the writer who scoffed that there would be outrage if a "White History Month" were declared has not noticed that every month already is "white history month," and always has been.

Perhaps the writer takes comfort in the history of slavery, as presented by Southern senators and the white plantation owners, or the history of the Indian wars as told by Custer and the generals, or the history of the Southwest as related by Sam Hughes and friends.

Personally, I think fresh perspectives, such as might emerge from a "Black History Month" or perhaps a "Mexican American Studies" program, might be enlightening.

Howard Grahn

Geologist, Tucson

Walton pulls no punches during games

Re: the Feb. 21 letter to the editor "Walton brings back Dizzy Dean memories."

I agree that Bill Walton brings interest and comedy as an announcer for Wildcat basketball. I enjoy listening to his broadcasts.

Walton has expressed praise and admiration for the Wildcat basketball program numerous times in the past, but during the games he "pulls no punches" and is as quick to applaud as well as chastise both teams and/or players as play dictates.

Ralph Meer

Regulatory consultant, Tucson

Star's use of 'oldster' was disrespectful

Re: the Feb. 22 photo caption "A Brooklyn oldster winced when getting the shot in January."

Oldster? I wonder how the gentleman in the photo felt about this dismissive cutline? Derogatory terms for gays, black people, women and other historically marginalized groups are now recognized as demeaning and unacceptable. However, ageism continues to flourish unchecked. "Senior" is appropriate and respectful. "Oldster" is neither.

Kaye Patchett

Writer-editor, Tucson

It's fun to list grammar crotchets, bugbears

Re: the Feb. 19 letter to the editor "Misuse of 'less' makes language lovers squirm."

In Boulder, Colo., grocery stores, the signs at the checkout lanes read "15 items or fewer." This is the result of requests by an educated citizenry.

My own top aversion is to the use of the pompous "preventative" when the simple "preventive" is called for.  

Many of us have similar irritations. It's fun to, like, make a list.

Mary Thoms


Turnout for McCain shows we're no wiser

I skipped the McCain roadshow here in Green Valley the other day. I don't like being lied and talked down to.

Apparently, he made the same joke in the elder meeting near Sun City and here in Green Valley about Washington being a city of Satan. Gets a laugh.

I've lived in D.C. I was never aware of emanations of evil arising from the ground, or the river or the Tidal Basin. I was, though, when my explorations took me down K Street or up on Capitol Hill. It always seemed to me Satan found a home away from home among very welcoming disciples in those places.

McCain's act seems to go down well with many of us old fogies. It's one of those areas where our memories are bad. It also tends to prove that though we might get smarter - about our jobs, maybe our hobbies - we don't get wiser.

We reinforce the ignorances, the biases, the immaturities of our youth. Just as McCain does.

Charles Larson

Retired, Green Valley

Reasons to resist annexation by city

Here's tonight's Top 10 reasons why not to join the city of Tucson.

No. 10: More red light cameras.

No. 9: More city employees.

No. 8: Wall Street Journal rated Tucson 20th worst-managed city in the country.

No. 7: Higher taxes.

No. 6: Additional City Council members.

No. 5: The TCC fiasco.

No. 4: Bad streets.

No. 3: Fewer golf courses.

No. 2: Streetcar project.

And the No. 1 reason: Rio Nuevo!

James Kelly


Kavanagh's logic flawed on medical pot

Re: the Feb. 24 Tim Steller column "Legalize Pot? Maybe it's time for a vote."

Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, concluded that the medical marijuana law is being abused. He looked at the fact that 47 percent of users are men under 40. That means that 53 percent (a majority) are over 40.

Studies have been done to show that men tolerate pain less than women. Ergo, the law isn't being abused.

Sorry, Rep. Kavanagh, your logic just went up in smoke.

Melanie Schaffner

Retired, Tucson