World community must resolve Gaza crisis

Re: the July 17 column “Hamas’ tactics are detestable; it must agree to truce.”

Apparently the Washington Post forgot what led to the present bloodshed. To recap: 1. Fatah and Hamas form a unity government; Israel is furious. 2. Three Israeli teenagers from Jewish settlements disappear and are later found murdered. 3. Prime Minister Netanyahu, without evidence, accuses Hamas of the crime, which Hamas denies. 4. Israeli forces comb the occupied territories, arresting 500 Hamas members, killing 10 Palestinians. 5. Hamas responds with mainly ineffective rockets. 6. Netanyahu vows to destroy Hamas, and begins one of Israel’s periodic attacks on the captive Gazans, killing almost 250, mostly civilians, injuring 1,650. (2 Israeli fatality.) 7. Egypt’s government offers to broker a ceasefire. Hamas rejects the conditions as unfair and hostile.

None can predict how this crisis will end, but it’s clear that the international community must step in immediately to resolve once and for all the root causes of this tragedy: the 7-year siege of Gaza and the 47-year occupation of Palestine.

Rosemarie Carnarius

Retired minister, Tucson

Kudos for Tucson’s lead in mental-health care

RE: the July 16 column “Preventing the $1,500 ambulance ride.”

Sorry Mr. Twain, but in the case of the seriously mentally ill, it is what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It was heartening to read about the new preventative primary-care program being offered at the Assurance Health and Wellness Center.

Given the ambiguity of cause and effect, it is essential that both mental and health issues be addressed. With millions of Americans living with a serious mental illness, such a program is sorely needed. Kudos to Tucson for being in the forefront.

Kathy Desmarais

Retired, Tucson

Putin not a world leader, but an alleged gangster

The word allegedly will indelibly be allied with Vladimir Putin. His proxy war in the Ukraine and now Flight 17, has yanked the world governments together like nothing conceivable ever could.

He allegedly started the war in Crimea. He allegedly bullied his street-thug pro-Russian separatists to shove further into eastern Ukraine. Putin allegedly provided the Russian government-made missile that allegedly blasted the Malaysian airliner out of the heavens while ripping the lives from 295 souls. He claims to be a global leader. This squat, thick, dreadful man is nothing more than an alleged criminal gangster.

Jerry Wilkerson

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Bad guys using children against the US

Re: the July 15 column “U.S. Rep. Ron Barber: Washington must step up on border crisis.”

Representative Barber’s op-ed piece is disingenuous — he was sent to Washington, D.C., to help solve the immigration problem, not write about it.

The problem worsens — the bad guys are using children against us. There are reports of tuberculosis, chicken pox and other virulent diseases being carried by these kids. The must not be permitted to further transmit these diseases. They must be immediately returned their native countries.

Last night a pickup truck — no license plates — was abandoned on the Mexican side beside open and unwatched gates at the border fence, and on a well known illegal entry route here in Cochise County. Who knows what it had transported?

Secure the border. Patrol the border. Now.

Elect people that will take action.

Bill Odle

Retired, Palominas

No reason for Tesla

to come

to wild Arizona

The July 17 issue of the Wall Street Journal outlined what California is doing to attract Tesla and 6,500 jobs. Initially Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada were in contention.

Does really anyone believe that Arizona will be considered by CEO Elon Musk? Hardly, given the political environment in Arizona, our education systems, our politicians whose sole focus remain the border and broadening gun laws.

Musk will want a location that is best for his employees and he wants the best incentives for his company.

What does Arizona plan to offer and how will our political leaders overcome the overall perception of this state? Tesla in Arizona would be a minor miracle given our record of job creation for the skilled and educated and our still being seen as the Wild West.

Neil Huson

Executive recruiter, Tucson