Schools could have used the $500,000

Re: the March 5 article “City Council OKs 11th paid holiday honoring Cesar Chavez.”

Rather than memorialize Cesar Chavez with a paid day off for Tucson workers to the tune of $500,000, he would be better honored if the schools were given the money in his name.

That would be money well spent and much needed while honoring a man who would surely have appreciated the gesture.

Marilyn Forstot

Substitute teacher, Sahuarita

On Common Core, Melvin flounders

Re: the March 5 article “Senate votes to dump Common Core.”

When asked to identify what in the Common Core standards he does not like, Sen. Al Melvin said, “I leave it to you to find them.”

Perhaps if Sen. Melvin and his colleagues who voted to eliminate the Common Core had been educated with higher standards, they would have the ability to cite evidence to justify their conclusions and the critical thinking skills required to understand the impact of their new legislation on schools all over Arizona.

Contrary to what he states, the standards were not generated by the federal government, but a consortium of governors and educators nationwide. They strive to better prepare our children for college and career readiness.

Perhaps he should do his homework when his constituents cry about “federal mandates.”

Julia Barwell

Educator, Tucson

Hotshots disbanded?

Drought must be over

Re: the March 5 article “Ironwood Hotshots get the sad word: NW Fire District is disbanding them.”

Boldly we march into the fire season with official notice that the Northwest Fire District is disbanding the Ironwood Hotshots.

Likely their decision is based on the fact that the area has received SO MUCH rain in the past six months that our mountain sides and canyons are lush with green growth and even more precipitation is prognosticated throughout the year.

Even more influential in the decision to terminate our hotshots is that we obviously ARE NOT suffering a massive drought.

Sounds to me like a conclusion prepared by a politician sitting at their desk downtown.

Jerry Wilkerson

Retired, Tucson