Beyonce was great, whether live or not

Regarding Beyonce lipsyncing "The Star-Spangled Banner" - who cares? It was beautiful! She is beautiful!

Political correctness is at it again. Of course, this nation has nothing to worry about - just lack of jobs, lack of education, and lack of common sense. Oh well.

Alice Treiber

Retired teacher, Tucson

Fewer guns, less mayhem

Regarding the gun control debate: Why can't we at least acknowledge that fewer guns means less carnage?

If you graphed all the rich countries starting with the loosest gun laws and going to the tightest, and then graphed the firearm murders in each country, the lines would follow each other pretty closely.

America has the loosest laws and some 10,000 firearm murders, while Japan with the tightest laws can count their firearm murders on one hand every year.

I'm not saying prohibit all guns but let's at least admit that there are effective steps that can be taken.

D.J. Bertagnoli

Retired military, Tucson

Did McCain act on ambassador's fears?

During his speech on Jan. 23 at the Senate hearings into the tragedy at Benghazi, Sen. John McCain said (to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton), "You knew Chris Stevens very well. I knew him very well. I knew him on July 7 when I went to Libya to observe the election. And at that time on July 7 he expressed to me his deep and grave concerns about security particularly in Benghazi."

So, on July 7, two months prior to the attacks on the consulate, McCain was aware of the ambassador's "deep and grave concerns."

To whom did McCain communicate those concerns when he returned to Washington?

I wonder.

Jon Grantham


Wish I'd seen a bighorn while hiking near Yuma

Re: the Jan. 19 article "Tucson boy, 10, bags bighorn; he's youngest in recent history."

The word "harvest" is used twice. Was that to be polite because the shooter was only 10 years old or are we "harvesting" these sheep because there are so many?

I thought they were somewhat rare and sadly have never seen one while hiking in the Yuma area.

Bettye Jo Preis

Retired journalist, Green Valley

True Arizonans believe in value of hunting

Re: the Jan. 19 article "Tucson boy, 10, bags bighorn; he's youngest in recent history."

It's just occurred to me why we in Tucson are seeing all these comments regarding the young boy who bagged a bighorn sheep.

Our country has always hunted for food, life and sport. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking game legally. Hunting itself supports wildlife with sales and taxes and proves that game management keeps our game healthy and growing.

Now for the issue at hand, I would say that most (if not all) are retired liberals who have relocated to our wonderful state.

I'm a true Tucsonan/Arizonan and believe in hunting. If these people can't support state gaming, then let's ask them to go back where they came from.

Ray Murphy

Retired Tucsonan/Arizonan