Granting driving permits

is a states’ rights issue

Re: the Dec. 19 editorial “Brewer can’t defend her denial of driver’s licenses to migrants.”

Historically, driving laws are legislated and enforced by the separate states. Gov. (Jan) Brewer can defend any Arizona driving law as a states’ rights issue. Many times the feds have cajoled the states to adjust their driving laws by threatening to withhold highway funds, but they had no authority to legislate the change.

Issuing a driver’s license is done under state law. Any judgment of same belongs in state court only. If a federal court makes any judgment at all, it is remaking law. It should have been sent back to a state court.

Making more spaces for legal immigrants is a mistake just like last time. The United States is already overpopulated. There is nothing wrong with the present immigration law, just with the people who violate it.

Jim Colson

Retired, Tucson

Vital issues are at stake;

be sure to register to vote

Next year brings us another election with significant issues for the state and nation. If you are not registered, contact your local election office.

Voting is the most significant way to influence public policy — whether it be on education, transportation, child welfare, poverty, etc.

Last month the margin of victory for the attorney general’s position in Virginia was 165 votes out of more than 2 million cast.

Who says one vote can’t make a difference? Get registered. Become informed. Vote!

Charles Ashton

Retired, Sahuarita

Men are unable

to handle guns properly

It is abundantly clear that men just cannot handle guns. Give them one and then just wait for something to go wrong.

Women do not take their AK-47s and shoot up schools and offices. Women do not drive by people’s houses and shoot someone just for the fun of it. Women do not get in arguments at bars and whip out their Glocks and start shooting.

Women do not feel compelled when sitting around having a beer with their friends to get out their gun to show it off, ending up with someone getting killed. Women do no leave guns laying around on coffee tables for children to grab and shoot each other.

Women do not do those things even if they are mentally deranged.

So in order to decrease gun violence, we need not screen for mental disorder — we need to screen for maleness. Much simpler.

Lee Sechrest

Retired professor, Tucson

Gov’t officials exempt

on false-advertising law

“If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.”

Several years ago, Prudential Life Insurance was brought to court for false advertising regarding certain life insurance policies. I held one of these policies and received consideration. It appears that false advertising does not extend to government officials.

Robert Brandt

Retired, Tucson

Distracted driving

should be outlawed

Are our Arizona legislators comatose or just unconcerned regarding the use of cellphones while driving — especially among teenage drivers who have little experience behind the wheel and are easily distracted? I have two grandchildren preparing to get driver’s licenses.

I’m terrified to think of them being on a cellphone while trying to negotiate traffic. Add to that, the radio playing and friends in the car chatting with them. Our lawmakers need to act now to prevent more death and injuries. They were elected to protect their constituents; why aren’t they doing so? Let’s get a sensible law that will benefit us all.

CJ Lawhon

Retired, Tucson

Obama a brilliant man;

his critics are misguided

It was thought that our president would take away our guns and impose Sharia law; he did neither. Not born in the United States? Ridiculous! The national debt is down, employment is up and the stock market is enjoying its highest standing ever.

Some go to extremes to downgrade a brilliant man who is trying to help us. Ads that promulgate pure lies and bent truths are attempting to put our money in their pockets. When they have it all, we will have nothing. Wages will drop to new lows, and corporations will practically enslave us.

Who can afford these lying ads? It’s the rich trying to convince you that they need more of your money. The Affordable Care Act was originally a Republican concept. They named it “Obamacare” because they had some people convinced that anything to do with our president was horribly bad. If you’ve had your current health policy revoked, take a good look at what it probably covered: two hospital Band-Aids.

Bernard Levine

Retired aerospace engineer, Tucson

Increase taxes on all

to tackle national debt

The only way to get rid of the national debt is to increase taxes on everyone, but we especially need increases at the top. During the presidential campaign, we found out that Mitt Romney paid only a 14 percent tax rate on his multimillion-dollar income. I pay a higher rate on a whole lot less income. There is something wrong. The tax code needs to be revised.

Carroll K. Simkins

Retired, Surprise