Rescue Assn. co-founder

should be remembered

Re: the Dec. 29. article “Let us remember some Tucsonans who died in 2013”

Let’s not forget Thomas P. Harlan, 77, a dendrochronologist at the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Harlan helped start the Southern Arizona Rescue Association after participating in the failed 1958 search for lost Boy Scouts on Mount Wrightson. He took part in more than 3,000 SARA searches and rescues over an active 54 years and is much missed.

Helen Price

Retired editor, Tucson

Rant against NRA

marks new low for Star

Re: the Dec. 30 guest column “Skinheads, anti-government cultists embrace NRA’s paranoid message.”

The Star really outdid itself in publishing the hate-filled rant written by Ann Shoben. Does the Star honestly believe something so full of unfounded accusations and character assassinations as this is meets the standards for an opinion piece? You might as well run an article written by a KKK grand dragon outlining the role of black people in this country. I never thought you were capable of sinking this low.

Eugene Cole

Retired, Tucson

Put cellphones away

when behind the wheel

My wish for 2014: Stop the madness of talking and texting while driving in Tucson. It’s reached a critical point. I would venture to state that distracted drivers are now causing more accidents and injuries than drunken drivers.

I fully agree with DUI checkpoints and doing whatever it takes to keep people from drinking and driving, but let’s step up enforcement on those who endanger the rest of us with their cellphones while operating a motor vehicle.

Randy Herberholz

Retired law enforcement, Tucson

Weekend solution

to Sabino parking woes

As a frequent hiker, I appreciate that parking at Sabino Canyon on the weekend is a problem, but it is usually not a problem during the workweek. To help improve weekend parking, I suggest allowing parking on the sides of Sabino Canyon Road on Saturday and Sunday only.

Currently there’s no parking allowed at any time on the roadside just outside the park. The reason stated for this parking restriction is for the safety of the children attending nearby schools. Since the kids don’t attend school on the weekends, how about letting the canyon visitors park on the roadside when the lot is full?

Paul McDonagh


Two other options

complement polygamy

Re: the Dec. 15 article “Polygamy advocates hail judge’s decision in Utah.”

Polygamy is marriage in which a spouse of either sex may have more than one mate at the same time. What is practiced in Utah is polygyny, where a man may take more than one wife.

Polygyny  is an illogical practice within a group, as every man who has, for example, four wives is making unwilling bachelors out of three other men. To even things out, polyandry  should also be practiced. A woman should be able to have, for example, four husbands, preferably brothers, which would make her children related to all of her husbands. This would give you true polygamy.

Quite a few women might like having four men working to support her and their children. She would probably be the head of a very prosperous household.

Betty Nicholls

Artist, Tucson

Heretical thoughts

about university funding

Re: the Dec. 17 article “Upgrades coming for 40-year-old building.”

Gee, what could you do with $30 million to improve the academics at the University of Arizona? Despite teaching for 45 years at a major research university, I still have these heretical thoughts.

During times of austerity with faculty cuts, no additional support for students, inadequate teaching facilities and so on, athletic departments roll on paying coaches multimillion-dollar salaries, improving facilities, chartering planes to fly around the country, etc.

Coaches even get to sell the university brand for personal gain (e.g., shoe contracts, endorsements of all kinds). If a faculty member were paid to adopt a certain textbook, he or she would be fired, tenured or not. The double standard in higher education is lamentable, but with a No. 1 team, why worry about academics?

Chauncey Dayton

Professor emeritus, Tucson

Pride of Arizona

deserved bowl trip

Even though our Wildcats had a stunning bowl victory, something was missing — the Pride of Arizona marching band! The powers that be at the UA knew for weeks that our football team was going to a bowl, and yet they couldn’t “afford” to send our band? C’mon! We are a major university with a hardworking band. Using a small college band that wore UA sweats added to the embarrassment. Shame on you, Greg Byrne!

Geri Land

Retired paralegal, Tucson