Listen to tribal leaders on Rosemont mine

Re: the Feb. 16 guest column “Rosemont Mine plan is just horrible on so many levels.”

How could anyone in their right mind read the guest column by chairmen Ned Norris Jr. and Peter Yucupicio and allow the Rosemont Mine to be constructed?

We cannot ignore the leaders of the Tohono O’odham Nation and Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

Wake up, Southern Arizona!

Aviva Tirosh

Landscape designer, Tucson

How to help save homeless cats, dogs

Re: the Feb. 10 article “New effort to curb stray cats, dogs.”

I was appalled at the overwhelming number of homeless dogs and cats in our city — shame on us!

I volunteer at one of the shelters so I was already aware of the dire situation, but it’s much worse. We need to correct this now.

First, spay and neuter. There are too many abandoned pets. There are more than enough dogs and cats around now for each of us to have a couple. Go to any shelter! Next, buy an extra bag of pet food for a friend, co-worker, neighbor — anyone who may be struggling financially. This small act of kindness may help someone keep their beloved pet at home.

Finally, be kind to animals. It is a reflection of our soul. My compassion for animals began when I was little. I would beg my dad to stop the car whenever I would see a stray dog. He would say, you can’t save them all. My response, why not?

I think we need to try.

Carol Ann Hayden

Receptionist, Tucson

Demand that only owners can access guns

The issue of gun control is a major question. Every week there are reports of multiple murders by gun. The question immediately arises of where these guns come from. The answer is simply two sources.

Either they are purchased from a “legitimate” dealer or they were already in the shooter’s home and accessible. The gun lobby and the National Riffle Association fights anything being done about the first source, but I don’t see anything being done about the second.

There should be a huge public outcry and media drive to tell the general citizen who has a gun at home to either lock it up or put a trigger lock on it so that no one but the owner has access. That’s what most responsible gun owners do.

We need a responsible public to demand that.

Dennis Bourret

Teacher, Tucson

It’s time for firm

to remove speed cameras

Now that the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ common sense has prevailed (thank you again, Mr. Huckleberry) and we’re done with the photo speed cameras (a.k.a. “inattentive motorist taxation devices”) in the county, will their Phoenix-based owners remove these eyesores anytime soon?

Perhaps they’re waiting for a reprieve or to convince us that because speeds in between their white “trees” were measurably lower than outside of the photo zone, accident rates between the cameras decreased significantly.

I, and undoubtedly many of my fellow motorists, am pleased to see the flow of traffic resume to norms (perhaps slightly higher than posted limits but well within reason) that help keep vehicles moving smoothly and avoid the sudden congestion zones that the cameras previously caused.

So when can we expect their removal?

Kevan Schlamowitz

Psychologist, Tucson