Some more facts

about Sen. Ted Cruz

Re: the Oct. 31 letter to the editor “Sen. Cruz, please show us your birth certificate.”

Sen. Ted Cruz showed his birth certificate several months ago. Now let me give you some facts:

Cruz graduated cum laude from Princeton and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Alan Dershowitz said Cruz is one of the most brilliant legal minds that he has ever seen. Cruz clerked for the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, William Rehnquist. Cruz is a Baptist. Cruz’s wife worked for Condoleezza Rice in the White House.

Cruz ran his Senate campaign as a Republican in Texas and garnered 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. Cruz’s father came to the U.S. from Cuba and worked as a dishwasher to put himself through the University of Texas.

 Cruz represents Texas, a state that has no income tax and is actually listed as having the wealth of many foreign countries.

Cruz was not a guest lecturer at a college or a community organizer, though.

Barbara O’Connell

Business owner, Tucson

Media doesn’t criticize President Obama

The current president is even better than Bill Clinton, often dubbed the “Teflon president,” at dodging responsibility. Once we had Harry Truman with his policy that “the buck stops here.” Now we have more of a “what, me worry?” attitude.

Whether it is “Fast and Furious,” IRS profiling, NSA snooping, the deaths in Benghazi or the current fiasco of the Obamacare rollout, there is little media criticism. If the mostly protective media wants contact with the president, it’s through his mouthpiece, Jay Carney. Direct communication with the president is limited to his one-way speeches, surrounded by party faithful, promising vague results while denying responsibility or knowledge.

Yes, Barack Obama got the most votes. I wonder how many are now regretting voting for style instead of substance, successful experience and responsibility.

Tom Vana

Retired, Tucson

‘Cruz’ missiles

are harmful to GOP

The U.S. government must stop using weapons of mass destruction on its own citizens. “Cruz” missile attacks shut down the government, while other “Cruz” missiles have nearly destroyed the Republican Party.

Chuck Willsey


Should Reid’s power

be curtailed?

Re: the Nov. 1 letter to the editor “House speaker has too much power.”

The letter writer states that “Obviously, something is wrong with the House’s procedures. House rules concentrate too much power in the hands of the speaker; it must be changed. The authority of the speaker must be curtailed.”

One might observe that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been acting unilaterally to prevent bills from coming up for discussion. Does the writer advocate applying the same curtailment of power to  Reid?

H. Norman Testa

Retired engineer, Tucson

Shutdown caused Sabino parking woes

Re: the Nov. 2 article “Paving leads to parking woes at Sabino.”

Paving leads to parking woes at Sabino? Where were you during the government shutdown? You could still hike, bike, run, etc. in Sabino but the parking lot was completely closed. Now those are parking woes.

David Martin

Retired, Tucson

Breeders’ Cup coverage was disappointing

The Breeders’ Cup was just held. The total amount of coverage the Daily Star offered was in Sunday’s paper: one paragraph about one of the races. Southern Arizona has given horse racing the two best trainers in the entire industry and one of the best jockeys, yet we take no pride in covering the Sport of Kings!

Gary Freeman

Retired, Tucson