‘Dominant males’ include Hitler, Pol Pot

Re: the Oct. 12 letter to the editor “Dominant males are under attack.”

Once again, the Daily Star seems to be ignoring its own guidelines for letters to the editor. What was the point of this letter? It made no specific reference to anything published in the Star nor the community, nor the nation at large.

Who are these “dominant male” leaders? Who are the “laypersons” and “educators” that are “punishing” and “detest” them? The writer states that dominant males are a “natural state.”

Is he, perhaps, referring to Ted Cruz, the latest megalomaniacal “leader” looking to bring our country to its knees to pursue his own political ambitions?

History is replete with dominant male leaders: emperors, dictators and despots, including Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, etc. Dominant doesn’t equal positive.

I also think female victims of domestic abuse do not share the writer’s ideal of dominant males.

Jessica Hamdan

Retired, Tucson

Moving transit center makes sense

Re: the Sept. 25 article “Council won’t drop its study of new uses for transit center.”

A thought on moving downtown’s Ronstadt Transit Center. If there is sufficient money, space and availability, how about moving the entire center north of the railroad tracks, immediately adjacent to the streetcar maintenance facility?

To accommodate activists’ concerns, create a new station with expanded facilities and amenities for the Sun Tran riders. It would be a move of only a couple of blocks north and would free the present chunk of prime downtown land for development and greatly diminish bus traffic in the core.

Mitch Sternberg

Retired teacher, Tucson

Rules don’t apply with Rio Nuevo

Re: the Oct. 11 article “Rio Nuevo probe: bad — but not criminal.”

Rio Nuevo may have squandered millions of dollars in taxpayer money, but no one will wind up behind bars because of it.

What would happen if this kind of deception and mismanagement of funds was perpetrated by the average American?

When we do not pay taxes or when we misappropriate funds we suffer grave consequences: We go to jail or get fines. But when they did it with the funding from Rio Nuevo, it’s called a debacle.

I work in the social work field, and we cannot get our funding without documentation. What happened to documentation?

What happened to the person giving out all this money? How can $250 million just get disbursed without any documentation?

The council asks to “put this to rest.” How can we?

Linda Vandenheuvel

Behavioral health technician, Tucson

Grijalva’s border vote disappoints

Before being re-elected in 2012 Rep. Raúl Grijalva said he wanted to fight for the middle class. So why did he and two of his fellow Arizona Democratic representatives recently vote not to fully fund border security operations during the shutdown?

It seems that he would rather vote party lines than protect our border and prevent those who are employed by the Department of Homeland Security from feeding their families.

Paul Ostrowski

Retired, Tucson

Shutdown leaves

US with huge costs

Thanks to the minority of extremists in the tea party who held the economy and the American people as hostages, the cost to us all is $24 billion. That is the estimated damage inflicted by the shutdown.

Just think what we could have done with that money. The schools, hospitals, bridges and highways that could have improved Americans lives.

The media does an injustice in bending over backward to pretend that blame is somewhat equal to both political parties. The blame rests squarely on the extreme right wing following the lead of Ted Cruz and the tea party. Several Republican House members in Arizona followed this path of destruction.

Vote these extremists out of office as their destructive, mindless votes will only continue to wreck the American economy. Was it really worth it?

Geneva Ulm

Retired, Tucson

Obama’s change of heart on debt limit

Does anyone remember when then-Sen. Obama said it would be “unpatriotic” to raise the debt limit? How times change!

Ron Gagner

Retired, Tucson

One more reason

to like Tucson

Re: the Oct. 18 article “Gas prices continue their slide.”

Having just bought gasoline here in Tucson for $3.15 a gallon, I remembered the article about gasoline prices. Your AAA source had Flagstaff at $3.53 a gallon as highest in Arizona when it actually is $3.69 per gallon in my hometown of Ajo. Needless to say, with a .54-cent difference I buy as much gas as I can in Tucson.

It’s almost worth driving here to just buy gas!

Bob Olsen

Retired, Ajo