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March 23, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Accomplished mission wasn't the war

On the 10th anniversary of the attack on Iraq, I heard news announcers still repeating President George W. Bush's comment about "mission accomplished."

I will repeat what I wrote then. The term "mission accomplished" is the term used in the military when a mission is accomplished. President Bush was on an aircraft carrier, which is part of a task force. The task force was returning from a mission and he was congratulating the sailors for the successful completion of a mission.

Why is it that the media thinks it gives them any credibility when they pretend he was saying "the war is won" when that has nothing to do with what he was saying.

We have a long fight ahead of us and political incorrectness will remain our enemy, too.

Mike Ebert


Report on PCC is PC gobbledygook

Re: the March 19 article "Miles: PCC will challenge damning accreditor report."

The report from the Chicago Higher Learning Commission and their president Ms. Manning pits PCC against PC. The language they use in their report is full of esoteric bureaucratic government PC babble and could not be understood by a panel of Ph.D.s, much less PCC students.

They write about admission policy not serving the public good, acting administrators leading to discontinuity in meeting institution goals and behavior patterns that don't reflect levels of integrity expected.

This is intangible, non-objective criticism lacking depth and any actionable items, except going to Chicago and sucking up to a seemingly ineffective organization president.

PCC: Clean up the factual problems and resist trying to understand or comply with the obscure.

Ken Smalley

Semiretired, Tucson

City sells out again to war machine

Re: March 19 guest column "Council resolution on D-M denies citizens' rights, puts city at risk."

Children love to conduct war games with toys, and when older go on to fight real wars. But it's hard to fathom why adults would voluntarily commit their cities to many of the perils of war, giving up rights to defend the environment from the military's contribution to hazards of accidents, pollution, ear-busting noise, expensive subsidies, et cetera.

Bravo, City Council and mayor, you've done it again - sold out your constituencies without getting in return a single dime, or agreement to at least turn the noise down. Anything's worth collective sacrifice to glorify war, good old reliable war.

Maybe you can get free rides on the gas-guzzling B-17 resurrected for nostalgia flights in honor of "The Good War." You can take turns playing bombardier, imagining those cities afire far below - you know where and when.

David Ray

Poet and professor, Tucson

Weigh in on study of Colorado River basin

When you think about recreation and the Colorado River, it's likely in connection with one of the nine national parks and recreation areas defined by the river, including the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam Recreation Area and Lake Mead Recreation Area.

The Bureau of Reclamation's Colorado River Basin Water Demand and Supply Study analyzed potential water demand and supply scenarios for the Colorado River basin through 2060 and is crucial to understanding the future for cities, agriculture, hydropower, recreation and the environment of the basin. Yet the basin's national parks received inadequate representation.

Our national parks must be an important part of Colorado River management. Please let your voice be heard before public comment ends on April 19.

You can email comments to ColoradoRiverBasinStudy@usbr.gov or pre-register for an April 3 webinar: www.usbr.gov/lc/region/programs/crbstudy.html

Kevin Dahl

Arizona program manager, National Parks Conservation Association, Tucson

Legislature wrong on filmmaker credits

Re: the March 20 article "Proposed law would police gender, public restroom use."

Here is what I've learned today about what is happening in Phoenix:

A vote is taking place to outlaw transgender citizens from using public toilet facilities that differ from their birth certificate, or face six months in jail. (I'm curious who would monitor these facilities; hard to wrap my mind around that one.)

And once again our Legislature has put the kibosh on giving tax credits to out-of-state filmmakers as an incentive to bring movie dollars to Arizona. We no doubt will maintain our 50th position, down from second position in years past, as the top spot to make movies. We have lost this great revenue source to neighboring states. I can't imagine why. The tax incentive doesn't go in effect until these movie companies spend $250,000! This is a ludicrous sitcom, right? Or maybe it's just a bad dream.

Ginia Desmond

Screenwriter, Tucson

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