Donate to the food bank in Basha's memory

Re: the March 27 article "Eddie Basha, grocery magnate and philanthropist, dies at 75."

God has a new angel at his side with the passing of Eddie Basha. His influence on the education and welfare of the people of Arizona makes him truly a hero who will be missed.

I think in his honor, everyone should buy a bag of groceries at Basha's this week and donate it in his memory to your local food bank or the St. Vincent de Paul at a nearby Catholic Church. Your legacy will live on, Eddie!

Hal Welch Jr.

Retired business owner, Tucson

Advertising insert was repellent

Am I the only one repelled by the full-color glossy advertising inserts lauding a Tucson-inspired rifle? And, of course, they have the imprimatur of the NRA prominently displayed.

I would think the Arizona Daily Star could, just once, refuse the revenues that come with this ad distribution. Doesn't our history with gun violence mean anything anymore?

Sandra F. Utech

Retired university faculty, Tucson

Plastic-bag ban works well in Seattle

Re: the March 25 editorial "City's study on plastic bags is a big waste of time."

Balderdash! The city of Seattle is an example of how it can be done - there is absolutely no plastic at any retail establishment in the city, and to get a paper bag, you have to pay a nickel per bag.

Folks quickly learn to carry their own reusable bags and there have been zero cases of illness from such bags.

Oh, and by the way, Seattle is thriving, with a booming economy and low unemployment ...

Clara Hill-Pfeifer

Retired, Tucson

Laws on guns in public don't make sense

I was talking to a policeman who goes to my church about guns yesterday, and if I got it right, the following situation could happen in the advanced state of Arizona:

A man could enter a restaurant dressed up in the latest bullet-proof armor, with a fully loaded AR-15, with a 100-clip magazine, a Glock with a 20-clip magazine, and order lunch, if there was anybody in the building left to cook it.

The cops might surround the place but could do little else unless the man pulled the trigger (which is against the law).

However, if that man, legally armed to the teeth, lit up a cigarette, the police in riot gear could move in and make an arrest.

Ron Lancaster


Oppose SB 1444, attack childhood poverty

Re: the March 25 article "Reward plan leads to school district rift."

Gov. Jan Brewer, who is pushing SB 1444 to allocate to richer school districts funds intended for poorer ones, seems unaware of the following: Education begins on the day of birth.

Children lucky enough to be born to well-educated parents are so advanced by the time they enter kindergarten, they are ready to zoom through school. But the children of the poor need extraordinary help, costly help.

Child poverty is the enemy. In a UNICEF study of the percent of children in poverty in 45 advanced nations, the U.S. ranked 44th. In Arizona, 1 of every 4 children lives in poverty. Our slogan should be: Oppose SB 1444 and attack child poverty.

Milton Schwebel

Retired dean, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University, Tucson

Thankful for Davis-Monthan

Re: the March 23 letter to the editor "City sells out again to war machine."

All I can say thank God that David-Monthan is here. All the people that complain, ask yourself: Why did you move here? You knew they were here before you moved here and there would be noise and training is one of the requirements.

So you had a choice. Please move on and find a nice quiet place so that you can be a poet.

Albert Mudge

Retired, Oro Valley

Put Congress, Obama in dock for wars, too

Re: the March 26 letter to the editor "Try Bush, Cheney, et al. for war crimes."

I assume the writer would also place in the dock alongside Bush/Cheney the overwhelming majority of members of Congress who voted to support and fund the invasion of Iraq.

While we're at it, why not include Barack Obama and his minions for the more recent killing of unarmed civilians and innocent children in Afghanistan and Pakistan by drone-fired missiles?

Steve Leane


How to get Perry, McCain to dance floor

If there were as many gay people as there are Hispanics, you'd see Rick Perry dancing with John McCain at the next Washington ball.

Mike Morrison