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March 10, 2014 12:00 am

Bill would hurt residential solar

Arizona Public Service continues fight to kill solar. During its fight to annihilate solar net metering, APS justified its tactics by saying it supports solar and are only out to protect ratepayers with fair solar rate structures.

Now APS execs and lobbyists are trying to overturn a rule that makes solar installations exempt from property tax, through HB 2595. This is another APS attempt to upset the economics of residential scale solar installations to eliminate competition and customer choice. Don’t let APS kill solar in Arizona. Say no to HB 2595.

Dillon Holmes

Entrepreneur, Tucson

Crimean crisis outcome scripted

I don’t think it too cynical to say that the outcome of the Crimean crisis is fixed. It was, is again and shall remain a part of Russia. What is going on between presidents Obama and Putin, negotiators Kerry and Lavrov, and European Union ministers is writing an acceptable script to fit this outcome.

What the U.S. and the Europeans want is a stage-managed process for accepting the Crimean fait accompli. Thus our efforts to get the Russians to sit down with the Kiev Ukrainians to write fini to the drama quickly so the Crimean upheaval doesn’t spread to the eastern Ukraine where there is also a heavy pro-Russian population.

If the Russians can be persuaded to sit down with the Kiev Ukrainians, then we can say it was an internationally acceptable, negotiated outcome. Whether the scriptwriting produces a tragedy or a comedy depends whether you are sitting in Washington, Moscow or Kiev.

Paul Dommel

Retired Professor, Tucson

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