Gun show a good place to say a prayer

We hope that all who attend the gun show scheduled for the anniversary of the Tucson shooting will join in prayer for the families and the victims.

Anthony Nitko

Retired, Tucson

Oust incumbents at the ballot box

I resolve to attempt to take back this country by voting against all incumbents whenever there are no term limits involved. Too many of the professional politicians are destroying the USA.

Frank D Wilcek

Retired, Tucson

Trim health-care costs with single payer

Regarding all of the pros and cons about the Affordable Care Act, we read a lot about how much it costs and will cost in the future. What seems to be missing is what it was all about in the beginning: affordable health care.

How can it ever be affordable when the health-care industry, including doctors, providers and the insurance industry, continue to raise the costs? It is well known that the industry's costs to consumers have risen upwards of three to four times that of inflation, for decades.

Yet what is being done to cut, not raise, the costs of health care? There is only one logical answer. Open the door for every citizen in this country to enroll in Medicare. That would create the competition necessary for costs to be contained because a single-payer system is not for profit, whereas our present system is for profit. There is no competition at the present time.

Pete Vucurevich

Retired, Sierra Vista

Red-light cameras and rules of the road

Re: the Dec. 30 letter to the editor "Cop on the scene better than red-light camera."

In response to the Dec. 30 letter, may I provide the following information.

• The length of the yellow signal is based on the speed limit. Even though the limit posted is 40 mph, the left-turn yellow is set for 3 seconds as it would be impossible for a driver to make a left turn at 40 mph.

• The letter writer mentions not being able to cross the white line in the "middle" of the intersection. The white line shows the actual beginning of the intersection. In Arizona, the intersection is defined as the area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the lateral curb lines of the highway (ARS28-601.8). The intersection line aids the reviewers of the videotape in seeing the actual location of the intersection; it is not in the "middle" of the intersection.

May I suggest that the letter writer attend a traffic school in order to be better informed about traffic rules and regulations.

W.E. Pachnowski

Defensive-driving instructor, Tucson

Arizona should adopt California's truck rules

We recently arrived home after a driving trip to Northern California for the Christmas holidays. What a joy to drive on California highways as opposed to Arizona. The truck traffic in California is such a nice change - 55 mph speed limit, staying in right lanes, not driving as if they were in sports cars, changing lanes haphazardly.

I have to wonder why Arizona doesn't do something about lowering truck speed, et cetera, in our state. Guess it's one more case of politics. How many more big-rig-caused accidents and deaths will it take?

Jeane Pascarella

Retired, Tucson