Sergio Loza

Public education

is under attack

The American dream verges on extinction because public education is under attack. John Dewey said, “What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children. Any other ideal for our schools is narrow and unlovely; acted upon it destroys our democracy.”

Education is the answer to the epidemic of poverty. Sadly, our current elected officials are determined to destroy public education and with it the hope for a stronger tomorrow.

Jennifer Larkin

Kindergarten teacher, Tucson

Not seeing bias

in Star’s news pages

The Star recently printed a few letters from readers accusing it of having a liberal bias in all its content. It seems to me these readers don’t know the difference between the opinion pages and the news pages — or what “news” really is.

The Star definitely has made an effort to include more conservative columns on its editorial/opinion pages, but it hasn’t — and shouldn’t — try to manipulate the mix of news within its news pages to cater to a particular point of view as some media outlets try to do.

I also think that these critics don’t realize that the lack of subscriber and advertising support has forced the Star and many other print newspapers to cut back on their own political reporting staff and rely on wire services. Practically all of the Star’s political news articles come from the Associated Press, the oldest and largest news gathering service in the country and one that’s widely considered as a fair and objective news source.

Karen Schickedanz

Retired journalist, SaddleBrooke

Coverage lacking

on vacant monstrosity

Re: the June 21 article “Hotel site needs archaeology study.”

I note the proposed new hotel is already facing major cost increases — archaeological studies, and now major repairs or a new building for the City Courthouse is being proposed.

Meanwhile, we have a 400-room hotel sitting vacant for over two years and no one is talking, reporting or otherwise mentioning this monstrosity. Great job of reporting/editorializing by the Star. Great job of protecting the regime. Think there might be a better use for the building or for the site other than sitting idle?

This situation would be funny if it weren’t such a sad commentary on the city and county, and especially the cowardly lack of coverage from the Star.

Ken Damschen

Retired division president, Sahuarita

The ‘Jersey Boys’ I saw wasn’t like the review

I suspect many of us seriously consider reviews when we’re choosing which movie to watch. I was disappointed when I read the really negative piece criticizing “The Jersey Boys,” because I’d eagerly awaited it.

My daughter and I attended it anyway and heartily agreed with the enthusiastic audience that it was an awesome film! The story and the music were excellent, and many people stayed in the theater to watch a second time.

I must remember that a review is just one person’s opinion, but we shouldn’t take it too seriously.

Lee Marie Schnebly

Musician, Tucson

Please speak up

for women, children

In our country, women are the main breadwinners in at least 40 percent of all households. And most of those households include children. Women make up half of the college graduates.

So why do we need to speak up? There is a dire need for affordable child-care facilities, early-childhood education and a need for paid sick leave. The fact that women earn only 77 cents out of a dollar men earn escalates the situation. Women still do not get equal pay for equal work. I have been fighting for women’s issues since the 1960s. Our children and grandchildren should not have to continue this fight.

Our country needs to recognize these problematic issues and move forward with the times. It is time to care about our working families and take action. Please show your support, write letters, make phone calls and bring this issue to the forefront. The time is now!

Patricia Canady

Retired, Tucson

‘My Favorite Place’ an enjoyable feature

Re: the June 15 column “Cushing St. Bar courtyard shows eclectic cohesion.”

The column “My Favorite Place” is a challenging way for your readers to look closely and consider differently some of the many excellent buildings, sites and historic settings that abound in this unique city. As we learn more about them, we will become better stewards of their present and future. My thanks to Teresa Rosano for her delightful and insightful description of one such place. More, please.

Richard Bierce

Historical architect, Tucson

State should consider entering the solar biz

Unlike front-loaded tax exemptions, the recipient of discounted electricity subsidies cannot “take the money and run.” It may be too late to influence Tesla’s battery factory decision, but Arizona should begin now to insure it can offer the state’s solar energy potential as an incentive to attract and retain employers. This may require the state to go into the solar electricity generating and storage business. But that’s better than simply giving the state’s money to stockholders of transient businesses.

Subsidies for solar energy development have been criticized as elitist, benefiting only those affluent enough to be able to afford the upfront costs of residential photovoltaic systems. Leased PV systems simply transfer many of those tax benefits to wealthy investors. State-owned systems would insure Arizona can provide subsidized electricity without, as Arizona Public Service has noted, requiring the bulk of the state’s utility customers to foot the bill. State-owned solar energy systems would share the benefits of current solar energy subsidies among all Arizona’s ratepayers and taxpayers.

Steven Lesh

Retired, Tucson

Community depends

on Arizona Public Media

I would like to add my voice to those protesting Dr. Ann Weaver Hart’s decision on Arizona Public Media funding.

As a faculty member and administrator, I participated in numerous budget reductions. It is very difficult.

However, striking such a severe blow to the funding will affect a large swath of the Tucson community who depend on NRR/PBS. This is a terrible mistake, the responsibility of which will rightly fall on the UA administration.

Jan Streitmatter

Retired UA professor, Tucson