Fitz's account of fair shows his arrogance

Re: the April 27 column "Mr. Wallet's Wild Ride at the Pima County Fair."

The supposedly humorous article by David Fitzsimmons shows what a liberal elitist he is. He says the very things he blames conservatives for under the guise of humor.

Funny it is not. The arrogance, condescension, "better than you attitude" comes through like a shining light. Who does he think he is calling people in line with their families "freaks?"

By comparing those in line with a revival of "My Name is Earl" speaks of an intolerance for people he thinks beneath him. Then we get the "Southwestern terrestrials" making Walmart people look like red carpet material. So, now Walmart people also are beneath his lofty ideals.

How dare he judge people in this way. He thinks he is so clever, so mind-numbing funny with his judgmental impressions of people. He is a bully who is given the chance to vent his true feelings on what he thinks of everyday people.

Janet A. Smith

Homemaker, Tucson

Centennial Hall not a good venue either

Re: the April 21 article "Theatrical firm pulls out of city Music Hall."

About 15 years ago when I saw "The King and I" at Centennial Hall, I swore I would never go back. I moved to Texas for a few years then moved back to my beloved Tucson.

I bought season tickets to the Broadway series (forgetting about my last Centennial Hall experience) and "tried" to see "Wicked" (in its first Tucson run). It was another horrible experience and waste of money due to the venue.

Centennial Hall is too big, has a totally inadequate sound system and uncomfortable seating, which is not offset. Therefore, I couldn't see or hear most of "Wicked." Then, to top it off, the line to use the restroom went out the door and circled the front of the hall.

I have since talked to many Tucsonans who say the exact same thing. This city needs a proper venue. Where is the planning to make downtown a vibrant place? What will it take to move this city in the right direction?

Kathleen B. Gajeski

Retired real estate broker, flight attendant and businesswoman, Tucson

Top private high schools could have made list

Re: the April 24 article "4 Tucson high schools score among top 10 in Arizona."

Congratulations to those schools in Tucson that are among the top 10 in Arizona.

As a teacher and a mother of a teacher at Basis Scottsdale, I know the hard work that goes into attaining such a ranking.

However, the Star neglected to make it clear in its headlines that these are public schools, thus neglecting Arizona's excellent private schools, many that would have also made this list if it were truly the top 10 high schools in Arizona.

In my own school we have four National Merit Finalists and six National Merit Commended seniors in a class of 57 this year. More than 98 percent of our graduates attend college, and many receive appointments to the military academies.

Tucson's private schools such as Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, Desert Christian, Salpointe and St. Gregory are top high schools and part of Arizona's vibrant educational community.

Huntley Cooney

Teacher, Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, Tucson

No need to wait 50 yrs. to know Bush was worst

Re: the April 26 article "Politics on hold at Bush library opening."

There was a commemorative ceremony April 25 at President George W. Bush's library. Historians say it may be 20 to 50 years to determine if his policies were correct, meaningful and vital to America.

Here is one "historian" who says, without waiting those 20-50 years, he was the worst president in American history, and that his greatest achievement in life was to have been a Yale cheerleader.

To imagine that the Bush Library cost $250 million dollars, though privately donated, is a disgrace.

Paul Bookidis

Retired stockbroker, Marana