Immigration reform inspires sarcasm

Thanks to the leadership of the gang of eight, including John McCain and Jeff Flake, we will have 40,000 border patrol agents, miles of fencing and drones. That should be enough to protect us from the Mexican people coming across.

We only have 37,000 troops in South Korea. They have done a wonderful job keeping out the million or more North Korean troops from entering. It appears to me that Mexicans are more feared than North Koreans. The only difference is once they enter our country then they will be granted citizenship. I don't believe that option is available in Korea.

A 1,000-page bill costing $40 billion. Kind of makes you proud that these great Arizona men have found a solution, doesn't it? Now if only the House Republicans join in, victory is at hand.

(In case you don't understand, this is meant as sarcasm.)

Jack B. Walters


Tax laws must be applied equally

Re: the June 26 letter to the editor "Tea-party groups were gaming IRS tax rules."

Why someone would offer an opinion on a topic that they do not understand is beyond me. The tax laws are complex as are the legal definitions of a tax-exempt group, but these laws are intended to be applied to everyone in exactly the same manner. Offering an opinion on the application of tax laws as they apply to "tea party groups" is more political than the groups themselves. Why should the IRS target those groups but not others that supported Obama's political agenda?

The real problem is the fact that a non-political agency was being used for political purposes. The laws are not to be enforced based on the party in the White House or the political agenda of the group. This is abuse of power, period.

If you disagree with the tax laws, change them. But until you do, apply them equally.

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson

Will hotshot shrines inspire protests?

I imagine there will be plenty of appropriately placed shrines on public property throughout Arizona honoring the 19 fallen firefighters. Can we expect the Freedom From Religion Foundation to complain that this is in violation of the separation of church and state?

Patricia Cowan

Retired, Tucson

Treat single citizens equally under the law

In its decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, the Supreme Court has made it clear that the federal government must treat all citizens the same when it comes to taxes and government benefits. That being the case, it is time to treat unmarried taxpayers the same as married taxpayers. It is time to eliminate all federal benefits to citizens simply because they are married or have children.

Single citizens are as equal under the law as are married same-sex couples.

Jack C. McVickers


Pecans use more water than Rosemont will

Re: the June 25 letter to the editor "Why save water if mine wants huge amount?"

The writer is correct in that all Tucsonans should save water as well as all other natural resources. This is both economically and environmentally the right thing to do. The Rosemont Copper Mine will pump 6,000 acre-feet of water per year. Are the letter writer and Tony Davis, the Daily Star reporter following the mine, aware that the pecan groves operated by FICO pump five times as much groundwater (32,000 acre-feet) from the Santa Cruz aquifer each year as the Rosemont Copper Mine will use in a year?

Every person who lives in this valley who has a car, electric lights, air conditioning or drives on roads with street lights or goes to stores with lights and cold milk uses copper 365 days a year. I may eat pecan pie twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who eats pecans 365 days a year?

Birgit Harzheim

Realtor, Vail